Friday, October 2, 2009

For Today... October 2, 2009

For Today... October 2, 2009

Outside my window... The sky is light blue with a few high white clouds. After last nights showers it looks clean and fresh. We were to get socked with rain, but we only got showers

I am thinking... I spent too much time at the computer and not enough time doing any thing else. I will have to work on this.

I am thankful for... All my littel aches and pains. No, really. for each is a reminder that I'm still around. That I have to work on "Me" and do more so I will ach less. They remind me that I am still alive and I have plenty of things to still do and look forward to doing.

From the kitchen... I'm not cooking today. We will go t o cash Jerry's paycheck tonight so it's easier to pick up something while we are out.

We ate Dinner at Back Yard Burger. It's a nice place, It is not at all like your local Burger King. I had the Swiss Mushroom Burger. It was good. Jerry had the Double burger with Cheese. large fries and drinks for just over $17 . We enjoyed them. The seasoning on the fries is much differnt that what you get at other fast food places. Jerry went back and picked up their Chili Cheese fries. He didn't like them much. The Chili had fire but not flavor to it. He picked me up some of the cobbler (I know, not diet friendly) It was blackberry and it was good. you could taste the berries in it, and not just the sugar.

I am wearing... Jean shorts and a blue top with some rhinestones on it. I'll soon have to put the shorts up so while Jerry is cashing his check, I'll be looking for some sweat pants for me.
I did pick up 4 pairs of sweats tonight. I got two dark brown, one dark grey and one light grey (for sleeping and around the house) I picked up two sweat shirts as well. A light blue and a red one. I want to turn one into a jacket. I want Jerry to have one and I'll cut the other up the front and then crochette with some white yarn on the raw edge and add in some button loops.

I am reading... Still reading 92 Pacific Boulevard. I didn't get around to reading today. I laid down and took a nap this afternoon.

I am hoping... That we can leave Memphis soon. I don't like large cities. I can live in them but I don't have to like them. I want open fields and farms around me.
We are here for another week, at least. We will now know on a weekly basis how long.. so it may be one week. or up to 6 weeks that we are here. I hate this part of construction.

I am creating... Not much right now. Still working on some pages to add to my craft notebook and working on a couple of recipe booklets. I may make a few post cards to send out , later.

I am hearing... Y&R is about to come on. So I changed the tv over to CBS. Lots of traffic outside today. Lots of trucks. Down the road is a place where they put the truck trailers on and off rail cars. Across the road is a truck stop. So we hear lots of truck traffic.. Add to that we can hear the airplans taking off from Memphis and UPS has a hub at the airport. We heard a lot of jets taking off this morning, one right after another
Now that it's evening, I have numbers on the tv. can still hear a train blowing it's horns, the rumble of disel trucks and some jet engins as they take off or land.

.Around the house... I've finally folded up the laundry. I need the tubs to sort the dirtys so I can see if I need to do some now, or wait until the beginning of next week, if we are still here. Can do laundry this evening if this is our last week here.

Will do laundry next week. I plan on doing two loads a day. Monday and Tuesday.

One of my favorite things... Crisp mornings. The grass got cut very short and so does not hold as much dew. The pavement was a little damp this morning but the air smelled so fresh. I love Fall. I do hope we can go driving and see if the leaves are turning any where near us. I miss that, living so far south. I would hope to go toward the Cumberlands because the trees there are just wonderful when they change colors.

A few plans for the rest of the week... keep the room clean so it's easier to pack, if we go. Call Beth. Just want to enjoy the weekend. Jerry is talking about taking both days off this weekend. I kinda hope he works tomorrow but take Sunday off. Over time is nice, it pays more than just the bills when he gets over time.

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