Sunday, November 1, 2009

Nov 1, 09

For Today... Nov 1, 2009

Outside my window... Today was nice outside. Didn't need a jacket to walk the dogs. A couple of weeks ago I would have sworn that we would have snow on the ground by now. Instead it was a very pleasant day outside.

I am thinking... I'm going to have to do some "real" house cleaning around here soon. Just to have something positive to do with my time.

I am thankful for... Family. I had a blow up this afternoon. Mainly due to stress. And my family forgives me for it.

From the kitchen... Jerry cooked. Little smokies, mac and cheese, and fixed a can of peas as well. We also had a roll to go with it.

I am wearing... light grey sweats and a blue and white print shirt. doing laundry today so I can wear something differnt tomorrow

I am reading... emails from the past

I am hoping... That Jerry gets a job soon. We may not have enough money left to pay two weeks of motel even if he does get a job.. That would really make it bad.

I am creating... nothing at this time

I am hearing... The dryer running. Earlier I was outside and heard some geese high up in the sky.

Around the house... Just doing a bit of laundry, because I need some clean clothes. Beth did dishes. Jerry did some cooking

A few plans for the rest of the week.. Need to go through my suitcase and the clothes in the van and see if I can leave some behind that I no longer really need.

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