Thursday, October 15, 2009

For Today... October 13, 2009

For Today... October 13, 2009

I ended up sleeping most of this day. Just worn out, I guess. We are at Beth's house until Jerry gets a call for a job to go to. I'll not go into details, but a job call would be most welcomed right now. Cleaning house is the least of it. I'be been doing laundry for her for two days now, and there is still 2 baskets worth to go. Found out, a Hunters' shirt I left with her hasn't been washed since I left it here. 1 1/2 years ago. We found our mail and went through it. Found the insurance cards she said were not here. Of course this was after we stopped at the insurance office and got temporary ones, again. Grrr. Jerry made a couple more phone calls today. We hope to hear somthing soon.

Outside my window... The skys are grey and cloudy. I think we are to get rain. I havn't heard a forcast.. rom what little I've seen I woud say that Missouri is going to have an early, cold, hard winter this year. It's not been "Cold" today, but it's not warm either. The day fits my mood well.

I am thinking... I have some hard choices to make soon. None of which are going to be very pleasing. If wishes were horses, we would all be up to our knees in horse poo.

I am thankful for... Jerry's patience. He waited for me, while I had lunch with a good friend today. I thought he had some other things he wanted to do, or we wouldn't have taken soo long for our lunch.

From the kitchen... Dinner was a sandwich. I had a good size lunch and I guess Jerry did as well. He ate at the bowling center close to where I had lunch at the Pekin.

I am wearing... My Dixie, Wild and Free shirt and dark grey sweat pants.

I am reading... emails only.

I am hoping... That the phone call for a job comes in soon. We need out of here.

I am hearing... A movie based on a video game that Jerry is playing. (both the game and the movie)

Around the house... I have been doing up dishes and laundry for Beth. Needed to do dishes to have something to eat off of. Laundry to help get it cleaned up in here. One of the dogs had an upset tummy last night. I think it was Rocky since he's good about tossing his cookies in a kennel. I had to clean it up, today as well.

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