Thursday, October 15, 2009

For Today... October 14, 2009

For Today... October 14, 2009

Outside my window... It has been grey and cold and miserable all day long.

I am thinking... I think I am about done with Beth's laundry. A couple of blankets and that should be it, except for keeping it up. Need to do our change of clothes as well.

I am thankful for... For internet friends. I can relate my miseries and not dwell in that black hole those miseries could become. fighting a deep depression that comes with miserable weather and adult children not doing as asked.

From the kitchen... Dinner was pork chops, diced fried potatoes (Mr. Dell's) and a can of peas. Breakfast was pancakes and eggs. Mine ended up cold. since I had to cook the batter. oh well.

I am wearing... same thing I had on yesterday. will change in the am, after a bath Not wanting to bring in too much from the van so washing and rewearing what we have out, for now.

I am reading... emails

I am hoping... That Jerry's phone will ring and iy is for a job for us to go to, soon.

I am hearing... The dryer working, and rain on the roof.

Around the house... The dishes are done and so is the laundry. If we are going to have to stay over the weekend, I need to clean up the middle bedroom so we can put some of our stuff in it. It has a small amount of mouse signs in it. Want to go over the kitchen counters again with the lysol and then get the floors mopped. it's a mom thing.

One of my favorite things... Beth gave the dogs a toy and they have had fun playing keep away with it, from Beth. Macon has wiped out on the kitchen floor a couple of times since it's a slick linolimun.

A few plans for the rest of the week... No plans except dinner at Jerry's sisters' house on Friday eveing. And putting some flowers at Dad's grave sometime this weekend.

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