Monday, October 19, 2009

For Today... October 19, 2009

For Today... October 19, 2009

Outside my window... (1 pm) The sky is blue and the breeze is warm and it feels great to be outside. I even have a window open to let in fresh air. Now this is much more like it should be, for the middle of October.

(4 pm) It's still very nice out. The breeze has even stopped for a bit. I had the window open most of this afternoon. Bugs keep hitting the glass.

I am thinking... (1 pm) Im bored. I swept the floor here in the little bedroom that I get good connections in. smells much better now. I still need to spray some Lysol around, though. (4 pm) I sure am glade I have the internet to distract me. I put out a news letter and it took me a couple of hours this afternoon to find all I wanted to put into it.

I am thankful for... (1 pm) George calling Jerry over the weekend, or we would have been in LA without a job right now. I know Jerry gave Amy his phone number, I heard him do it, but she says she never got it. Hum.
(4 pm) Short lines at Aldi's on a Monday. We did see a happy little boy who loved to smile back at us. Beth paid for the stuff we bought. She's in a cooking mood, now that we are here. I also wanted to make a few things that I don't often get to make as well. She's also starting to gather stuff up for holiday meals. I don't blame her for doing that at all.

From the kitchen... (1 pm) Beth made up a tuna casserole, but I think it's more for her lunch than our meals. I don't know yet, what dinner will be. She's thinking of Lasinga for our meal. (4 pm)I'm to wake Beth up at 5 pm. I went looking for open peanut butter and the only one I found was a jar she used to treat the dogs with. I'll either open the new one, or get one of ours out of the van in a little bit. Beth is wanting our no bake chocolate cookies. I'm really not suppose to have any of those. High Sugar .

I am wearing... (1 pm) blue and white printed top, gray sweats.

I am reading... (1 pm) emails (4 pm) more emails and some craft sites for football crafts.

I am hoping... (1 pm) That the phone rings with a job for Jerry. (broken recond, ins't it?) (4 pm) Still hopeing for the same thing.

I am creating... (1 pm) Nothing at this time.

I am hearing... The breeze rattle the weeds outside the window and the leaves on the nearby trees and a dog barking. Oh a car horn as well.

Around the house... I swept the bedroom floor and did up some dishes. I am waiting for the dryer to be empty to start another load of laundry. I folded up the load in the dryer but not started another load, yet. There's enough darks for a load. I'm now waiting for Jerry to empty his shirt pockets.

One of my favorite things... Water, fresh cool drinking water. .. (4 pm) I filled a cola bottle with water, lemon juice and a couple of packets of sweetner. I was looking for coffee filters for Beth's pot but couldn't find any.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Not making any plans, really Going to make a pot of chili one day and a pot of potato soup another. After tomorrow the weather is suppose to get cold and raw again and soups would be a great way to warm up. (4 pm) Still not any plans, yet.

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