Thursday, October 1, 2009

For Today... October 1, 2009

For Today... October 1, 2009

Outside my window... High clouds with lots of blue showing through. The building across the street is being painted, I think. There was a huge tarp strung up yesterday in front of it. Today the tarp is down. The billboard is being changed out. Two men are up there with a new sign.

I am thinking... It's too pretty of a day to spend it all inside.* I think I'll take my book outside to read this afternoon. I'll also take my camera and take some pictures of the gardens here. Everything is still so green. No signs of mid fall at all, yet.**

I am thankful for... Being able to get up and out each day, even if it's just to walk the dogs down the stairs. I'm thankful for having internet because it's how I can keep in touch with my kids.From the kitchen... Tonight is survivor and we don't miss that. I'm cook up two packages of Ramen soup and add in a can of Chili with beans. Not my favorite but Jerry likes it. I'll cut up some green peppers, cucumber, and tomatoes and add some baby carrots for our salad. I think I may cook up some of the apples for dessert. this afternoon. I didn't do that the other day, and I should have. I may take pictures of the progression of making it, like I did Tuesdays meal. (don't know yet.)

I am wearing... grey sweats and a dark blue top.

I am reading... 92 Pacific Boulevard. I'm on chapter 4 now. In chapter 3 Olivia's Mom showed up with a basketfull of goodies. I'm wondering of the recipes will be in the book someplace. ( I read for about 45 minutes and am now at the end of Chapter 8)

I am hoping... That Jerry knows for sure when he time of this job will be over so I can make some plans of my onw.

I am creating... a notebook of crafts to do later.

I am hearing... The local news on the tv. traffic out side and when I get bored with the tv. I play some of the mp3's on my computer to see if I want them on my player for walking.

Around the house... The dishes are done. The bed stripped, (see below) and the dogs walked.

One of my favorite things... is the antics of the dogs, at times. Jerry's arms around me before he goes to work. and crisp morning walks

A few plans for the rest of the week... Not making any, until I know for sure if we will be "here" or on the road. would like to go to a Casino for my Birthday. Or the Crafts fair in town.
Poor Macon. As he and Rocy was doing the room to room, jump on the bed dash... hit the bed and slid off ot other side, will the blankets and sheets in tow to land on the floor on the other side. He was so scared that he peed a little on the floor. He thought he was in sooo much trouble. It took me a bit to convince him he was't in trouble. It happens. He knew he did bad. I need to have the sheets washed soon anyway so will put them out, today. I'll ask if they can also do the coverlette as well, soon.
The bed now has fresh sheets. I asked for the bed to be made while I had to dogs outside. Took a while but it got done. I did the rest of the daily work, though.
The dogs decided to do the wild dog run, again (what caused the sheets to fly off the bed this morning was a wild dog run) and Macon ended up running into the pole I had the leads attached to. He hit is kinda hard and has been favoring that leg a bit. He's walking on it, and doesnot wimmper or pull away when I rub on that leg so I don't think there is any major damange done but he's still sore. Poor baby, I don't know what he's been chewing up, but he just tossed it, onto the carpet and I have to clean it up... worst than cleaning up after a baby.. I assure you.. almost lost my afternoon pills, myself. what ever it was, didn't look like it should have been considered food in the first place. (dumb Bleep)
*My outside time, was waiting for the ladies to make the bed. They were cleaning the room beside mine when I took the dogs out. In the end.. the man who helps with cleaning made the bed. I had already taken out the trash and vacumned the floor.
**Still need to take those pictures.

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