Thursday, November 5, 2009

For Today... Nov 5. 2009

For Today... Nov 5. 2009

Outside my window... The sky is blue and the weather is cool but clear. Need a jacket but not a coat when going outside.

I am thinking... I am going to have to clean up Beth's house. Jerry told me this morning that he called all the offices of the major construction places he's worked before and none of them are hiring at all until after the first of the year, if then. If we are going to stay here for much longer it's got to be cleaner. I took a dust mop and took down all the dust webs in the ceiling corners and off the walls and ceiling in the kitchen, living room and hallway this morning. I do not "want" to clean my daughter house. It's her house, to clean. But if I'm going to be here till the first of 2010, I want to feel comfortable and not icky. I know she would want me to clean it. But she'll not maintain it after we leave. I'll do it for us (Jerry and I), because I need to, not because I want to.

I am thankful for... An understanding Husband. He knows I'm stressing over his not having a job. I have certain meds that are costly. No way can we afford them when he's not working and have insurance to help cover their cost. I "can" live without them. but I'd rather not. I'll have to wean myself off of the one as just stopping it is not a good thing for me. The one we can afford is my insluin. I can buy it over the counter at most any pharmacy. It's not ideal, but possible. When I first went on Insluin. My doctor at the time wanted to put me on pills and I told him, shots would be better because we never know where we will be from month to month and I can buy needles and insluin without having to have script for them. He said that was smart of me to know and he understood what I was saying. The pills may be better, but not as easy to get at times.

From the kitchen... Jerry cooked last night. I'll cook tonight. Beth works from 7 to 9 at the convience store, comes home long enough to change clothes, pack a lunch then goes to her 11 to 7 job. So what ever I fix, will have to be done before 6 so she has time to eat. Beth's been great about taking left overs with her to work. I have been trying to keep a few Non left over items on hand for her because I know how it is eating left overs all the time.

I am wearing... Dark Gray sweats and a blue tshirt we got from the Reel-foot lake area.

I am reading... I found a few books I saved on my computer and one is from the 1850's. I started it this morning and want to read more of it, soon.

I am hoping... Jerry just went to the local library to get a better connection for his computer.He's tried using this sprint service on his and he can't get it to work like it should. He's going to check with North Carolina's job search site to see if a job in Rockinham is hiring or not. He hopes to be able to get on that job. We were supose to go to that one when we left Memphis. of course, Memphis was supose to last until Christmas time.. so that's a lot of suppose to, that didn't happen.

I am creating... A mess. No really. I have a box of cloth scraps in the bottom of a tub that need washing and ironing that I need to do. I have to remove everything from that tub first and that is what is making the mess. I'll have to sort and repack that tub when I get done. I hope to make a few doll clothes while I have those scraps out.

I am hearing... Martha on the tv. I'll be changing over to Y&R here in a few minutes

Around the house... Beth's kitchen sink has a good drip for water. No water stream at all, so we have to carry water in a bucket from the tub to the sink in order to do dishes. (feels like I'm a kid again, back in Colorado when whe had to carry in water for just about every thing, for 2 years) I'll be doing the dishes here in a bit because there are only enough plates for one meal at a time. I'll be sweeping and moping the floor in a while as well. I think I better clear off this table and take care of a few things on it so we can sit at it to eat. That means moving my computer to the back bedroom again. but I can deal with that. I may bring in one of our little folding tables for my computer. that would be easier as well.

One of my favorite things... Early morning, just as the sun comes up.. looking out and knowing that a new day is starting and that there is still life. We will get through all this, I just dont know how, yet.

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