Saturday, November 14, 2009

Nov 14, 2009

Hello, Beth is on the mend. She should have her drain removed in a few days. The stuff coming out is a healthy light red and expected to change to a clearer color soon. She will be on I.V. antibotics until Monday and then on a round of pill antibotics for a while. She's on Dilodin for pain but the doctor said he was changing that to a pill as well. She should be coming home on Monday and then I get to spoil her rotten for a few days. She's stressing about losing all this work but she's young and will learn that no matter what goes on. She will survive this as well. Sure it's a set back in her time table of buying a car and a few other things. But I'm sure, over time, she is going to realize that even the best of plans need a margin for the unexpected as well as the expected and to add at least a third more time to any plans, to be on the good side.

Jerry is still job hunting and got a lead from a friend yesterday that he' will follow up on, On Monday when their office opens.. Would be nice as the job that was talked about is on the Texas coast line and he'd love to go there for a while. Don't want to jinx it so we will just wait and see. We have already talked about what he'll take with him and how he'll live for a couple of weeks before the next pay check would come in. We will make it, won't be easy but we will survive, just like we tell Beth she will.

We were only with Beth a bit over an hour since she was falling asleep. She had just been given her pain shot. We've been cleaning her house for her. I can hope that, once we get it back into shape she can keep it up, once we leave. Beth is not a house keeper, but she's trying. Working two jobs does not help with trying to keep up with house work. But she will learn that she's got to do it, when she can, as she can, even if it's only one part of one room at a time.

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