Friday, November 27, 2009

Life, and the day after Thanksgiving

Hello, Life is good. luck not so much. My laptop is not working at all, right now. It get's to the Dell logo, then just keeps looping back to it. With Jerry not working, we have no money to have it looked at. This is way beyond our ability to fix, this time. When I left Beth's home in Spring of 08, I left behind a desktop computer because it was having issues with aol... I've got it back, but none of my old files are still on it.. I guess it just sat for too long for any of them to be safe. No pictures, no recipes, nadda. But at least I can still get on- line with it, using our Spring wireless access. Now today, on the tv, I see Sprint has a newer access and it will be a year at least, before I can get one of them.. it says it's a 4 g. I'm good with the one I have, for now.

We had a great day yesterday. The turkey was falling off the bones, cut in the pan, serve yourself. I never made the banana bread like I had wanted, but we had so much that there is no room in the fridge for it anyway. I deboned the turkey and seperated the dark meat from the light. We have enough meat for at least a week's worth of sandwiches. The dressing turned out ok.. I doubt any one ate any of it, but me. Beth is the on who wanted it. The cranberry sauce turned out good. I used about 2/3rd of a cup of sugar compaired to the cup of sugar the back of the package called for and it's still sweet enough. MaKeya made up the deviled eggs, she did a great job of it, Espceally when you consider she doesn't eat them at all. I baked a sweet potato, I think I'm the only one who had any of it, as well. I know Josh ate some of the brownies and I think all three of the younger people had the no bakes I had made up the day befor. We had the usual cut vegetables, cottage cheese and olives at the table. We also had some finish baking rolls that went fast. I made gravey, but I think the dogs all got to enjoy it. MaKeya also made up the mashed potatoes with the recipe Beth knew so it was a joint effort. All in all it was a great day and no arguing from anyone.

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