Tuesday, November 10, 2009

For Today... Nov 10, 2009

For Today...

Nov 10, 2009

Outside my window... Well, right now I can't see anything outside my window as it's dark, but earlier, It's been a coler, cloudier day. Still. the tempature was above "normal" and I didn't really need a jacket when I walked to dog. Just didn't stay out that long is all. A bit longer stay outside and I would have wanted that jacket

I am thinking... I really need to make Beth a lunchbag to carry her lunch to work in. A simple bag would be best.
I really wish the phone would ring with a job for Jerry. This sitting around waiting for a call is really getting to me. Jerry spends way too much time sleeping in the chair. He turns on something on the tv that I really have no intrest at all in, then falls asleep. If I change the channel, he wakes up and unless I'm sitting right there watching the tv, changes it again. I have the tv on for noise during the day, but I don't sit in front and "Watch" it. I have certain shows that I like for background noise. forensic or crime shows are not it.

From the kitchen... We (Jerry and I) share the cooking when he's not working. Jerry did the cooking tonight. He grilled some chicken strips, fixed a package of Alfredo noodles and a can of green beans I found in our stash. For our having a balanced meal, we all three were still grazing afterwards. Jerry eating chips, me going for more dairy items and nuts.

I am wearing... Dark Grey sweats and a light blue t

I am hoping... Still hoping for the same thing, a job for Jerry so we can get out of here.

I am creating... Nothing at this time.

I am hearing...Sam barking at the deer, news on the tv, the fridge running

Around the house... I did a couple of loads of laundry. Did up some dishes before Breakfast but that's it. No motovation to clean around here.

A few plans for the rest of the week... I really do need to get motovated to clean. It's not my house, it's Beth's. She doesn't care. She doesn't care that, even when I'm here doing for her, she's making more work for me. She "forgot" to take her belt out of her pants. No big deal. I just didn't do any more laundry today. I can it later. Instead of washing her dishes in the standing washing water in the sink, she will put her dishes by the sink. I even said she could wash up her dishes when she finished eating. Jerry will at least put his dishes in the water. Jerry has been doing most of the dog walking. They go to him when they need out unless he's asleep, then they come to me.


I took a tumble off the arm of the couch yesterday morning. I didn't get hurt, I'm just frustrated in that, I have to sit on the floor to get my right foot close enough I can put a sock on. I was proping my leg on the couch to get my foot close enough but I can't afford another fall that may hurt me. It's not the fact that I'm on the floor, it's the getting up off the floor that hurts. I have very little fat left in my knees and they hurt while I'm on them. I'm just lucky that I don't get the urge to wash the floor on my hands and knees as in the old days. I would never get it done.

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