Monday, November 16, 2009

Nov 16, 2009

For Today... Nov 16, 2009

Great News. Beth is coming home from the hospital today. She was released about 9:30 and after a stop at Wal-Mart will be on her way home. I'm rushing to get her bed cleared off and made. I have almost all the clothes washed, now and in basket on the bed. Easy to clear but still needs putting away

Outside my window... It's raining with a good chance of switching over to snow this afternoon. I'll do my usual and go dance in the first snow of the year (Yes, I'm 52) and enjoy this first snow.. There are 3 snow falls I love each year.. the first one, A Christmas one and the last one.

It's dark now. No snow. Although we had a chance all day long for it, it didn't happen. We are still under a snow advisory until in the morning

I am thinking... How Happy I am that Beth will be home and healing soon. It really was a bit of touch and go there for a bit, I'm sure. When I look at the pictures that were taken of her insides, and how black and ugly that thing was.. I wonder just how in the world she put up with all that pain.
It's time for bed. I wrote all the stuff in black this morning around 9am

I am thankful for... Excelsior Spring Hospital, and the Doctors and Nurses there that took such great care of my daughter. She is one tough cookie.. I don't think she really knew just how tough until now.

A roof over our head tonight.. sleeping in the van would be very uncomfortable right about now.

From the kitchen... Beth is on a bland diet. For dinner I'm thinking o making some Chicken noodle soup. Without onions or garlic in it. (I can add those to my bowl, won't be the same as cooked in, but still... better than no flavor) I have a cake mix I think I'll make up for dessert. If I get enough time, I may even make some biscuits to go with the soup.

Ended up making Chicken and dumplings.. turned out very good even if I do say so.. usually my "dumplings" turn into goo. Not this time although they did thicken up the soup a lot, it was still very tasty even without garlic or onion in it. Didn't make the cake, maybe tomorrow.

I am wearing... Dark Gray Sweat and my Rebel Wild and Free t-shirt.

I am reading... Nothing right this minute.. hope to start a book, soon. I realised I have started several books over the last few months and not finished one of them.

I am hoping... That the snow hold off until Beth is save at home, That Jerry can find Beth's keys. He had them last and lost them.
That Jerry will get that phone call we have been waiting for. Driving us up a wall that he hasn't had a call, yet. We have even talked about how we would handle things here if he got that call.

I am hearing... Tv in the background and the dryer. Price is right is about to come on. I need to go fold the clean clothes.
The rain on the metal roof of this barn. Yes I said barn.. Beth's place is a living quarters built inside a morton building. Many people in this county do that, to get around some of the "rules" of building a house on less than 20 acers of land.

Around the house... Putting away The clean clothes, made the bed. Need to clean the kitchen up, again. I did vacume the carpets a bit ago. Need to clean the bathroom as well.
Got all the laundry wash and folded. Not all put away yet. Now to just keep up with it, and do the rest of the general cleaning. Tomorrow will be a through kitchen clean up (again) and from there the living room and bathroom.
One of my favorite things... Anticitpation of first snow. I may not like any other snow this year, but I have always loved the first snow fall of the season.

A few plans for the rest of the week.. Work on my Craft letter that goes out on weekdays. Plan Thanksgiving dinne since we will have 5 here for dinner, (if not more) and doing some more cleaning

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