Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nov 15

Beth should be home tomorrow. We don't know what time, yet. They hung one more bag of antibotics this evening right before Jerry and I left her with two friends, watching the movit "UP". Josh brought in a DVD player from his home and hooked it to her tv. that was a show in and of it's self. Jerry has been a true sweetheart in helping me clean up in here. He's done both back bedrooms with me doing her bedroom. I still have to make her bed and I'm doing laundry still. I forgot to ask her which set of sheets she wants on her bed. I have my coat in the washer now. soon to go into the dryer. Want it nice and clean an dry for her to come home in, tomorrow. Jerry will have to call me and let me know when they are leaving so I can walk our two dogs and then put them in kennels.. I'll only let one out at a time when she gets in and the first will be Macon.. he's much more calm than Rocky is. I'm sure Beth will have plenty of instruction sheets to read and follow. I plan on Chicken noodle soup, since she's to be on a bland diet for a few more days.

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