Monday, November 5, 2012

Pill Box Advent Calendar

Pill Box Advent Calendar

Posted: 04 Nov 2012 05:00 PM PST is a compact little calendar to make.

5 jumbo weekly pill boxes
white spray paint for plastic
small wooden beads
small screws
various colored tissue papers
masonite ( foam core, heavy chipboard)
white glue
black permanent marker
1" wide ribbon
rub-on letters
wood putty or caulk
sand paper

utility knife
screw driver

Use the utility knife to cut off two boxes of each pill container, leaving 5 per. Use the acetone to remove the lettering and the sand paper to sand off the braille bumps (if any). Glue the boxes to the masonite backing. Screw the beads onto each box as knobs, screwing from the inside of each opening. Using caulk or wood putty, fill in each outside bead hole.

Spray the entire thing white. Glue tissue paper to the inside of each opening. Use a permanent marker to follow the indentation around each opening. Glue the ribbon around the entire calendar to hide the seams. Using rub-on lettering or rubber stamps (use StazOn ink), place a number in the lower right hand side of each little box. Place small goodies in each opening.

Cute and easy to mail to all of your small munchkins.

Billie C.
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Patty Froese said...

What a CUTE idea! Love it!