Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nov 12

Hello, and Good Early Morning. We were up by 4:30 so Jerry could be on his way out the door by 5 for orientation at 7. He needed to make a stop on his way and it's an hours drive, via two lane roads with 45 speed limits. We spent yesterday morning finding places. Breakfast at Golden Corral. When Jerry looked it up, the GPS said 20 miles. I looked it up and got 9. Um... ok... Wal-mart.. he found out was 20 miles. (again) and again I found one closer. I spelled it out, he used a different app on the GPS. But after that, the GPS was spot on for where he had to go this morning and where the job is at, as well.
We did our shopping in the afternoon, after finding the job site. Took the dogs with us all day long, They got to get out several times, but I'm sure they are ready not ride much for the next few days.
We had to make a trip back in to town for some cut wood so we could get camper level. We just lacked a couple of pieces. Because we move often though, I asked for three different size boards to be cut. What we don't need, we can always burn in the fire ring we have at this site.
It's going to take me a while to get through all my emails from the weekend but I will catch up as quickly as I can while I'm putting everything back away and cleaning up.
The cats are not all that happy because they have not been allowed outside, yet.
Today the high is suppose to be 70. After today though the highs will only be in the 50's. maybe some low 60's
It's been very pretty outside. There are still a lot of leaves on the trees despite the wind from Sandy last week. At least, in this area. Beth called my last night, and said they had sleet. The weather said there might be snow if it started early enough but it didn't. So what Kansas City got yesterday I figure we may be getting either late Tuesday or early Wednesday.
I fixed Hot Dogs and mashed potatoes for our dinner last night. For tonight I'm thinking of making up a crockpot meal. Jerry enjoyed it when I cut up a smoked sausage and cooked it with green beans and potatoes so I'll do that for tonight. Its something I won't have to watch too closely. Of course I'll add a salad and I need to make a dessert. I just might make some Buck eyes because he liked them.
I am wearing... The flannel housedress that Donna gave. BTW Donna makes a very great Chili... so great that Jerry ate two large bowls of it and I think he would have eaten more but didn't want to miss out on the Buck eyes. I loved the chilie as well and ate two medium sized bowls of it.
Time to go change clothes. (8:30) going to put on sweatpans and a work top.
I am reading... emails and more emails, trying to get caught up with emails today between cleaning and putting away stuff
I am thinking... I hate unpacking but it gives me a chance to go through stuff and consider if I still want to keep it, ot should I toss it...
I am thankful for... a safe alibet long trip from Niota TN to Danville VA. Not much trouble in getting the camper level this time and a great time with Jerry.
I am hoping... That this job lasts a long, long time. I don't want to have to unpack and repack for a long time.
I am creating... A cosy home for us.. and a clean one, as well.
One of my favorite things... Early morning when the birds start to sing and the world starts to wake up.

Billie C.
Celebrate the happiness that friends are
always giving, make every day a holiday
and celebrate just living!

~ Amanda Bradley ~

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