Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hello ... Good afternoon

Hello ...  Good afternoon. Soon to be evening. It's been one of those dreary, dull, cloudy days. (4:45) It's starting to get dark, and I don't think we had any sun at all today. Just clouds, No rain, either.  I just can't seem to get warmed up much at all.
 I've had the dogs out a few times today.  Barney keeps tangling in the trees. He just doesn't get it that he has to go back around a tree after he goes around the first time. He "found" his orange ball outside and brought it back inside. He loves to bounce his ball. He picks it up and drops it, then picks it up again.. He'll do it so often that it drives Macon up a wall. Macon will come in, pick up the ball after Barneu drops it and take it to the other room out of Barney's reach.
I fed the cats a bit early this afternoon. They all three acted like they haven't seen a can of cat food for a week.  I used a stick to dig out the last of the cans and dropped the leavings on the table so they could get to that, as well as putting a full dish of dry food out for them.  They are not sure if they want to sleep inside, in a kennel or outside in the cold. ...
I'm going to bake some potatoes in the roasting oven and I'm thinking of baking some chicken strips in it as well. I was going to do buffalo seasoned tenders but Jerry said No.  Aw well, maybe next time.I decided to use the bread maker today. I've got a loaf of bread going in it now. It should be done about the time I'm ready to start the potatoes in the oven they go in about 30 minutes before I start the chicken.
 I am hearing... I have a "Little House" from where I recorded a few shows for a couple of weeks, on. I also hear the bread maker kneading the dough and the fan from the heater is also working.
I am wearing... my usual. dark sweat pants and a dark blue top.
I am reading... emails all day long
I am creating... I am working on a tied blanket for my older grand-daughter. I trimed the selvages off but haven't gotten any further than that on it today. I really should finish it up but now I just feel like rolling it up and putting it away for a while.

Billie C.
Celebrate the happiness that friends are
always giving, make every day a holiday
and celebrate just living!

~ Amanda Bradley ~

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