Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How to make felt Santa's

How to make felt Santa's

Since so many people like these santa's from my last post and I said I would say how to make them, here they are.

You will need

Red felt
White felt
Black felt
Pale pink or peach felt
2 googly eyes
1 mini red pompom or a tiny piece of red felt cut in a circle
2 inches of ribbon of your choice
Red cotton
1 white pompom or piece of white felt cut into a circle.

Cut the felt into shapes as shown in the picture above. The shoes, beard etc... do not have to be exactly the same as mine, but you get the idea.

Lay the red triangles on top of each other. Fold the ribbon in half and pin inbetween the top point of the triangles. Lay the face on the triangles. Cut a hole in the top layer of red felt, just below the face. You can chose to cut clean across, from edge to edge, as you will be sewing everything up, or just cut a slit in the middle, leaving an edge on each side.

Lay the beard on top of the face and pin into place.
Place the hands inbetween the 2 layers of red felt and pin into place.

At the bottom of the triangles, fold the top layer up. Place the red felt oval on the bottom layer and pin into place.

Bring the top layer down to meet with the oval. Place the feet inbetween the oval and top layer of red felt. Pin into place.

Starting at the top of the santa, where the ribbon is, straight stitch all the way around the santa. When you come down the first side and get near the bottom, where the oval is, lift the front part with the shoes up and fold it over, so when you are sewing, it is one continuous line from the sides, along the bottom, up to the otherside. You will have to go back and stitch the front part of the oval with the shoes after sewing the rest of the santa.

Once you have straight stitched your way around the santa, do a zig zag stitch all around.

Lastly glue on the eyes, nose, moustache and pompom.
You can fill these santa's with home made goodies in plastic bags or m&m's or whatever takes your fancy. It is upto you how big or small they are.

You could also make the ribbon longer so the santa could hang on a door knob.

Billie C.

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