Monday, November 26, 2012

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Hello ... We had a great 4 day weekend, for the most part. Wed's night, we found the Cici's Pizza and ate there. I don't really recommend this one though. When I mentioned that the salad looked a bit sad, all they did was add more stuff to the bowl. They didn't drain off the water in the bottom of the bowl which is what was making it look a bit "off". Jerry ate a bowl of Mac and Cheese and said it was ok. not great, just ok. We both had 3 slices of Pizza. I got the ham and pineapple.. one slice of the pepperoni and I got one that had olives and mushrooms on it. Jerry ate the meat only ones. We ended up at the mall for a little bit. We went to Sears and Jerry found the Kindle Fire and we picked up two of them. They are our Christmas Gifts to each other this year.
Thursday, We had breakfast at IHOP. I got the Eggs, bacon and Pancake special.. I asked of they had Boysenberry syrup and YES they did.. She brought me two of them when all I need is one.. Oh my was it good.
After Breakfast, we drove around a while, We wanted to explore some of the roads near us. We ended up in Chatham VA. They have a food lion there. it's a bit further than driving to Danville though so, unless the way to Danville is blocked we will continue our food shopping in Danville.
We ended up in South Boston twice.. but that's good, because now Jerry has at least two ways to get to work if there is something blocking the road he usually takes. On the second time, we went back to Danville, hoping to find the seafood house we saw our first Sunday we were in town.
We then headed back to the camper to let the dogs out and potty. We spent about 2 hours at the camper, I talked to Beth on the phone while we were home. We left around 4 PM for dinner at Golden Corral. We just beat the crowd in. I had Salad first, then some turkey, mashed potatoes, dressing. I put a bit of gravy over both the potatoes and gravy. I also had a small spoon full of sweet potatoes. I never did find the cranberry sauce. I did find the dried cranberries in the salad area and had them on my salad. They had a turkey to carve but they also had a pan of bits and pieces. I got my turkey from that pan and it was great. I didn't even walk over to the desserts area. I knew I really didn't need any as I was full.
Friday. Jerry needed to cash his check. I did a bit of shopping. picked up my insulin. and wandered around the store for a bit. I found a wreath for the door for around $2. Nothing fancy on it at all, just the green pine tips. Perfect for what I wanted. I picked up the cola's we usually drink,, Remain soup for Jerry's breakfast, Jerry found a Blu Ray on sale, so we picked up one. He picked up a movie for us to watch, as well. I found the CD's bin and picked up 4 CD's. two of which are John Denver. Each one has a song I wanted of his, but they both were not on the same CD. A Burl Ives CD and Bing Crosby... I know where I'll be looking for more Christmas music because I found at least 4 or 5 more I would have picked up but didn't want to spend all my money in one place.
We then went to Home Depot and I found the perfect ribbon for my wreath. I saw some pine cones that were painted and, since we live in a wooded area gave me the idea of just painting my own to put on my wreath. I'll be working on that this week. I have some bells in my Christmas stash and I may put some of those on the wreath as well.
Jerry took me to Hobby Lobby. I restrained myself and only picked up a few things. Some large beads to make paperclip angels with, and a small pack of dark blue rhinestones. I needed only one. while at Wal-,mart I found a locket where you put the birthstones inside and I needed two dark blue ones for September since I was putting in every one's stones. Mine, Jerry, David, Heather, Bailey, Corbin, Beth and Heather. I used some E-6000 to glue it shut. I was in tears while I was trying to put the pieces in it. I dropped one and it fell to the floor. I just knew it was lost.. It took Jerry 15 minutes to find it. That is why I glued it shut. I put it together Friday evening while we were watching TV.
We did the laundry, picked up some Propane for the heater, took that back to the camper, then we went back and did our food shopping for the week. No room in the van to be able to do all that in one trip. Besides, the dogs needed walking again any way.
We ate dinner at home. I picked up two pizza's at the store. and Jerry wanted them. I had picked up a Pepperoni and a cheese pizza. Jerry thought I was going to "doctor" up the cheese pizza. No, I didn't want to do that this time. maybe next time. I just wanted to see if we could bake them in the roasting oven. We can, if we cut them in half. then both half's will fit inside. if we do that. Jerry did the cooking and didn't think about putting half of each in.. He did the cheese pizza first, then the other one.
I made up 18 Paperclip angels while we were watching the TV, as well. I want to give them out this year, to people. I gave one to the lady who was our server at Golden Corral. I left four in Geocaches, The only reason I didn't leave in all 5 we found is one is a min and doesn't have room for one.
Saturday.We had breakfast at Hardies. Apparently it's the local gathering place for the older crowd. Two people walked close to us, before deciding we were not who they thought we were.. (Ha ha)
We went back to the camper after breakfast. I fed the cats some dry cat food. We
We got to meet the neighbors' dog. He's a Husky. He's thin. He came right up to Jerry the first time he got away from her. I was just about to take the dogs out when I saw she had a dog with her. I saw him get away from her, and went outside and he came right up to me. He's a very friendly dog. I was surprised how thin he felt, under his coat. She tied him outside then left.
We went Geocaching. We didn't find a parking area close to the first on the list, so we by-passed it. We did find then next 5 though. I left paperclip angels in 4 of those we found.
Sunday. We had a water problem of sorts. I always rinse my hands before checking my blood sugar. I turned on the hot water and waited for it to warm up.. and I waited and waited.. it was cold. Jerry's "OH Great" was not good.. But then, any time something goes off he's not happy.
We ate breakfast at Golden Corral. waiting for the day to warm up. After we ate breakfast, we went back to Home Depot so Jerry could find out if they have the heating elements for the hot water tank. They have two so we will have to go back to the camper and see which one we need. I found a Christmas Cactus in a small pot and I picked up one. When we got back to the camper, we had hot water again. No idea why we didn't have any hot water at either sink, although it was the coldest night of the season so far.
When we got back, we also discovered that the gal next door left her dog out all night long. He howls.. he's cold. for a Husky he doesn't have a very thick coat. I went over and discovered he's got his line wrapped around a couple of trees and can't reach his water or food. I untangled him and he drank all the water I took over. the water in his water dish was frozen. He ate what food he had in his dish, as well. Of course he got tangled up again not long after I left him.. We kept waiting for her to come and take care of him. We never saw her all day long. Jerry tried to call the campground owners but no one was answering. We found out later that they buried his father in the afternoon.
Jerry and I both took an afternoon nap. Jerry decided we would eat dinner out, He tried calling the owners again and got a voice mail box and left a message. While we were at Arby's they called him back, and Jerry told them the dog has no shelter, gets tangled in the trees, and howls when it hears us outside and we haven't seen his owner all day long, We haven't seen her since yesterday afternoon, as a matter of fact. It was after dark but he came over and saw for himself that the dog was tangled in the trees again. Jerry went over and told him I had untangled it once and made sure he had water and food in him before I walked back to our camper. If we didn't already have 3 dogs, I would ask her for him. He has two blue eyes. Even the cats are not afraid of him. He's interested in them but didn't try to chase them while he was un-tangled. He said that this isn't the first time she's tied him out then left he alone for more than a day.

Billie C.

Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending." - Carl Brad

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