Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Good Morning

Hello ... And Good Morning. Well it's morning as I write this (7am)  The Dog has been taken to the owner of the campground house.  We talked a bit last night. I was just taking out some dog food and water to him when the man showed up. If she comes and asks I'm to let her know he has the dog.  The fellows next to her, took care of the dog last time she did this, but they are not here yet. Some of the men from that crew are but not those right next door.  you know, if she had asked me, I would have been more than happy to take care of her dog for her.. but what worried me more was lack of shelter.   I did tell the campground owner that the dog was not tangled up all day. Every time I looked over during the day, he was either under the camper or over in the driveway where I could see him. At least he's not a all day and night howler.. Only when someone was outside would he howl. I'm guessing for attention.
Outside my door ... (7am) Still too dark to see outside much. But we are getting rain. It started around 5 am when I took our dogs out for their first potty break.
(9am) Ah.. I can see... it's dark and dreary outside... A Cold rain is falling.. We need the rain though. I'll  not be spening much time outside today.
The Dogs ... Are all asleep. Rocky and Macon on the beds with the cats. Barney in a kennel. He can't be trusted loose and he went into the kennel and laid down. After his next walk, I'll put him on the inside lead so he can play with the other dogs, drink water and eat some food.  He's not always in the kennel it just seems like it sometimes.  The rain is suppose to end by this after noon. I plan on finding his ball (again) and will toss it a few times for him.
The Cats ... Really don't like being inside until it's cold outside. Then they run in and jump on the beds and curl up with the dogs and sleep.
From the kitchen... Salad, Smoked Sausage in the Crockpot with Green Beans and chunked up Potatoes. We have a bit of Pumpkin cake left so that will be dessert.
I am hearing... Morning news on the TV.  The geese down on the lake.
I am wearing... Flannel housedress. once I get my shower it will be sweat pants and a dark colored top.

Billie C.

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Patty Froese said...

I love hearing about your day, Billie. :)

Your dinner sounds delicious! And your pets sound lucky to have you.