Friday, November 16, 2012

Good Morning this Brr morning

Hello ... Good Morning this Brr morning. I've been a busy little person this morning so far. Not even 10 am yet and I've got the back of the camper all straightened out, laundry sorted and into bags ready to go to the van tonight, to get it out of the way.. and the beds are made. I had to take everything off Jerry's bed because his sheet corner came loose and I had to pick up the mattress and reset that corner. The dogs and cats were not pleased that I made them get off his bed. But now they are back on it and asleep already. I see blue sky outside the window, and some sunshine. I may be able to turn off heaters this afternoon if this keeps up. As soon as I finish this I'll be taking the dogs out for their second morning potty break and play time. Now I just have to find that orange ball for Barney to play with.. um... wonder where he's hid it this time... .. . ... ..
I'll look for it in a bit.
Oh. I had to put a new rope in one of the laundry bags. The last one came loose and the cats found the end and unraveled it a while ago. I didn't need it to close up until now. I have some laundry cord that works just fine and now I can tie the bag shut and not worry that things will fall out of the top of it.
From the kitchen... Last night's chicken was a bit spicier that I expected it to be. I have enough left over to make me a sandwich this afternoon with it. I forgot, when I started the bread maker yesterday that if it and the roasting oven both draw power at the same time, the breaker may trip.. so I had to find an extension cord for the roasting oven. Otherwise my bread would not have turned out very well at all. It was after dark and I couldn't find a flash light.. I found three flash lights today, so far. go figure. I had Jerry on the phone while I was trying to walk around to the back of the camper and not trip over anything to get the electric cord off the back light where he had hung it. I will keep it in the house now.. We draw way more power up front than we do in the back. When this camper was made, back in 1979, there wasn't near as much things that needed plugged in as there is now. and most of it is up front... I run a cord from the bathroom up to the front cause that breaker only has four or five things on it.
I am hearing... The heater fan, water dripping, and my own thoughts in my head..... I miss the sounds of the TV and I got tired of the radio.
I am wearing... dark blue sweat pants and a lighter blue top. I have my leather belt on and it's helping my back feel much better.
I am thankful for... Jerry letting me sleep in this morning. He must have gotten up before the alarm went off because when I woke up he was already getting dressed. He decided to buy sausage biscuits for breakfast on his way in to work. He sure does like his sausage each morning.
I am hoping... that Jerry gets over his cold quick. He seems to get a cold almost every time he starts a new job, and this time, he had to work in a damp ditch on his first working day, and was chilled most of the day because it kept drizzling all day long, as well.
I am creating... I worked on Bailey's tied Blanket. I didn't finish it, but I got all the edges trimmed off and can now tie it together when I cut the strings on it. Beth sent me a picture of a jean quilt her boyfriends mother made and it's much like the one I want to make, but I did notice that when the squares were cut for it, the seams were included as well. I always cut the seams out of the material when I save jean material. but I like how it looks and want to make up mine as soon as I get a few other things out of my way.
Oh. yeah.... (again) I found a subway art, that I printed and put up between the cubby above the couch. I was pleasantly surprised when Jerry noticed it last night. Usually it takes him days to see something like that.
One of my favorite things... A warm camper in the morning. I felt warm enough to take my shower right off and not put it off any longer.
A few plans for the rest of the week... Well. Jerry has to work all weekend long because next week (Thanksgiving weekend) he will have four days off. He'll get his first check on Wed. and I'll have to do some shopping ! I hope to do some shopping before then, but I can make meals with what I still have on hand right now. I hope to send off a box to Beth for Baby Heather and I will see if I have enough stuff to send on to Heather, as well.

Billie C.
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