Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hello, for today Nov 4

Hello ... And good Morning (9am)  We were up early, even for time change. I went to bed late and got up early. About 6 hours after going to bed. I got up, dressed in the dark and took the dogs out even though they were not "asking" to go out. Then Jerry turned on a light. (agh)  We went to "The Dinner Bell" for our Sunday Morning breakfast.  We won't really have to eat until we want an early dinner.
We have to go to Wal-mart later as I need more strips for my Sugar checker.
(11pm) I'm watching the Mentelist while I type this up. We got to Wal-mart. I picked up the strips, and a few other things. By the time we left we had spent just over $70.  Jerry got new shoes, I picked up pet food for both the dogs and the cats. (don't want to run out) I picked out two more nail polishes (don't need them, but wanted them so much)  Some Felt.. Jerry's cigars. and I forgot what else.   I tried to cut the felt with my cricut and it failed. The felt is too thin, and even with ironing the freezer paper to one side, it still didn't turn out like I wanted it to. I spent about an hour cutting freezer paper to iron onto felt and I'll cut around that with scissors. (Hey, I didn't have to use spell check to spell Scissors) Jerry had on a football game when Beth called. We talked about 45 minutes.
Another Air Stream moved in across from us. It's only a year older than our but we can see several things differt just from the outside. Jerry and he talked a bit and they moved the bath to the middle and changed the bed from twins to a single in the back.
Outside my door ... It's very dark. (it is 11 pm) Today was nice though. I sat outside for a bit with just a thin t-shirt on. (Of course I was wearing pants as well)  I just took the dogs out for last call a bit ago. I could see a lot of stars so it's not cloudy any more. I read an email that we are under a frost warning.  There are only a few leaves left on the trees. I can see a lot more bare branckes
The Dogs ... I have had to squirt Rocky and Barney several times this morning to make them stop rough housing. It's not that they are playing, they are shaking the camper with how rough they are playing. I'm glade to see Rocky play with Barney though. Rocky usuall just lays around all day long.
The Cats ...  were more than willing to come inside when I took the dogs out for their last call. I'll be putting all three into a kennel to sleep, tonight. Right now they are all in the bedroom with Jerry., Rocky and Macon. Barney is in his kennel for the night already.   The time change has us all confused.  The cats were ready for their canned food before 2pm. I don't usually feed them until close to 4 but they know if they all three come to the camper around 3 I might go ahead and feed them. I didn't feed them until 5 which was 6 before time change.  There is another black cat in the area. He (or she) Is a bit larger than ours. It comes over to eat once our cats have finished up. It doesn't run when Jerry talks to it but still runs when I open the door.
From the kitchen... Salad, Hot Dogs, Remain Soup, and popcorn for desert.
I am hearing... The mentalest on the tv. Jerry is in the bedroom watching something else. 
I am wearing... splattered t-shirt and black sweat pants.
I am reading... emails, emails and more email.
I am hoping...  That Jerry hears from a job this week. I'm starting to get worried. It usually doesn't take this long for him to find another job.  We know we may not hear anything until after the elections on Tuesday but we are not giving up hope just yet. It's just stressful not knowing if we are going to find a job here or if we are going to have to move.
I am creating... I love the post it notes program. I realized I just totally forget what I really should be working on. So I filled out a few with the different crafts I should be working on. 
My plan is to do things on the computer until Jerry wakes up, if I'm up before him. Clean house in the mornings, the work on a craft in the afternoon each day I have some "post it's" with things like sewing or make jewerly but they don't have details of what I need to work on. These I set up today are for each porject.
One of my favorite things... 
A few plans for the rest of the week...  food shopping. If we spent at least $50 at a time at Engles between the middle of October and the week of Thanksgiving 6 times we will get a free 12 to 14 pound turkey.  We are half way there already.  We don't know yet, where we will be spending Thanksgiving.  We will have to do laundry soon, as well. When we do, I'll take the covers and pillows off the couch this time, they need a good washing.

Billie C.
Celebrate the happiness that friends are
always giving, make every day a holiday
and celebrate just living!

~ Amanda Bradley ~

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