Thursday, November 1, 2012

For Today ... Nov 1st.

For Today ... Nov 1st.
Hello ... Wow, this year is almost over with. only 60 days left.
We didn't get any Trick or Treaters last night, but I expected it to be like that since there are no kids in the campground. We didn't even see any kids dressed up when we went to Sonic's for their 50 cent corndogs.  We were out around 5pm and I guess it's just still too early around here. And we didn't go near any houses either.  We did pass a couple of signs for Trunk or Treat. A great alternative to going door to door.
I noticed last night, that not only did Jay take down his blow up stuff, he didn't have his orange lights lite up either.  I don't know if he took them down or just didn't turn them on.
Today I bring back in the rat and cat, but I'll leave on the door my scarecrow wreath. I'll put away the small basket and scarcrow head though, since they are in the way a little bit. I want to see if I can find something "turkey" to put in the windows this year.
While Jerry saw the first half of Survivor, I watched "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown". I just never feel likes it's Halloween without seeing Charlie Brown.  Same for the Christmas Charlie Brown. It's just not Christmas without seeing it at least once. I was surprised that they waited so long to have the Charlie Brown Halloween special on.  I wonder how many kids got to watch it last night.
Outside my door ... (9am)  It's sunny. I just looked outside and the grass in the shade has frost on it. I "heard" it crackling under the dogs' feet when I took them out at 7.  I had to wear a jacket to keep comfortable.  We turn the clocks back this Saturday night, but I don't think it's going to be sunny at 7am even after that.
(7 pm) The sun is setting and there is just enough light to see some of the colors with.  I think Jay is not home. And Jerry said he didn't think Jay was home either. There were a couple of fellows working on his barn today. they put in a couple of copula's and a weather vane.  All in all, the day was very nice. i was outside this afternoon without a jacket.
I painted my figernails for Halloween. Orange with a bit of green on the tips.  Now I'll have to strip that off and re-paint them. Not sure what color I'll go with this time. I had painted them purple for the dance last Saturday. I loved it but think I need a different color for a few days.
The Dogs ... Well, Rocky and Macon are asleep on my bed. They don't like it when it's cold outside.  I have been taking Barney out in the afternoons to play ball for a little bit.
The Cats ... Two are asleep on Jerry's bed. Not sure where the third cat is.  Tupelo was late to "dinner" last night and the other two ate her can of food. She didn't show up until 2 hours later. I have dry food out so she had something to eat. Just not what she wanted, I'm sure. (7 pm) Jerry fed the cats after he got the cat food out of the van. We had an extra cat show up. Then, two people walking up the hill thought one of our cats was their cat.  Once they got closer they could tell it wasn't their cat. They did ask that, if we see it and can catch it, would we please remove it's collar since it's got a bell on it. We assured them that the bell on their cat wil not hurt it's hunting abilities much. And with so many people putting cat food out, it's not going to go hungry. They said that Strips has been visiting them almost every evening.
From the kitchen... Salad (of course) Chicken, baked in the oven along with a couple of potatoes. We had peanutbutter wafer bars for dessert. 
I am wearing... Grey Sweatpants and a light blue top.
I am reading... Lost Then Found, By Christina Freeburn. It's one of the books I won from Desert Breeze Author's weekend. I've only just started it.
I picked up a free books from Kindle called Christmas Grand Plan.  by Kristie Swaicki.  I don't know how your suppose to print it out but it's the pages you can print off the internet for Christmas planning.

Billie C.

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