Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hello. It's almost noon

Nov 28, 2012
Hello. It's almost noon.  Where has the day gone?  Well... I've taken the dogs out twice. both time they wanted to do more playing that pee-ing.  I'm thinking of taking Barney for a walk around to the office. 
Oh my..  I'm be eating my dinners alone for a while. Jerry will be starting 12 hour days, starting today.  I told him I just can't wait that long to eat my last meal of the day. It's just not healthy for me at all... and that's a long, long time for him to go between meals, since he doesn't take a lunch.  I told him, he should buy something to eat on his way home each night he works 12 hours... The way it looks he'll  work 12 hours Mondays through Thursdays. He'll work 10 hours on Fridays and Saturdays.   Friday is payday. Jerry is to work these hours until Christmas break. We don't know when that will start or how long of a break it will be.
 I am going to try a few recipes that I find intresting over the next 4 weeks.
Yesterday was a cold, rainy day. Today is totally different. The Sun is out, and the camper is warming up quickly now that the sun is above the trees.  I only need a light jacket to be outside right now. After I write this up, I'll have to fill a bowl with dry catfood and take it outside for the cats.. I think we have a squirrel who likes cat food hanging around. That's why I try to put it out in the middle of the day.. between 3 and 4 I feed the cats each a can of canned food.. and I sit there with them while they eat most of it.  Yesterday's rain had me feeding them inside.. I had to put them in a kennel so the dogs would leave them alone while they ate.. They were not happy that I didn't open the door as soon as they were done eating. It was almost time forJerry to get in, so I left them in so they wouldn't be under-foot. 
From the kitchen... I'll fix a salad, a small slice of ham and some rice. I'll wait until Jerry gets home for dessert. I made up two different Jell-O's yesterday since there were 4 rings of pineapple in the can. Yesterday we had the Cherry, tonight it will be Lime with a slice of Pineapple in it.  We may also have a Klondike bar. We found some sugar free ones for me.
I am hearing...  A movie on the Hallmark Channel.  I already have the second half of this one, so I just needed to make of copy of this one since its the first part of the story.
I am wearing... Dark Grey Sweat Pants. and my Indial spirit Horse T-shirt. 
I am reading... Touching Wonder, Recapturing the Aw of Christmas by John Blase.. I got it free from Kindle books.
I am thinking... This is going to be a long month, with Jerry working four 12 hours days and two 10 hour days each week. We will have to do so much in just one day each week. Laundry, shopping. bill paying. And I have to pack up and have ready to ship at least three boxes. Bailey's blanket is going to take one box all on it's own.  Then there's the box for Beth and her family and the rest of the stuff for Heather's family.  Reminds me. I need to find out if David is still using the same address he was before.. All three of our kids are getting money cards from Wal-mart... The grand kids will get gifts.
I am thankful for... Jerry having a job. Not so thankful for the hours right now. but we know that there are times he will have to work lots of over-time hours . Just like we know there will be times he will have a hard time finding a job, We also know how lucky he is to have a job right now.
I am hoping... Jerry gets from the weekend Before Christmas until the day after New Years day for a mini vacation.  We would be able to enjoy that, knowing he'd have a job to go back to. We would not have to worry so much about the next paycheck and maybe be able to take a small, one day trip. I would love to go to Old Williamsburg.
I am creating... A clean house so I can put my Christmas stuff up.
One of my favorite things... The smells of a clean house, getting it ready for Christmas.

Billie C.

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Patty Froese said...

My husband works 12 hour days, too. I don't wait for him for supper. I just can't! I don't digest well if I eat too late. So I eat mine earlier, then sit with him while he eats his. Those long working days sure are lonely!