Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Aug 31, 2011

Good Morning,  I am back online, full time again. (I think)
We now have the code for the wifi here at the campground. (having to pay $10 each for it) and no downloading large files, or movies. not that we ever did a movie in the first place. I just wonder if that also goes for t.v. shows... most likely. I'll let Jerry find out when he tries to watch his Ice Road Truckers.
The move was un-eventful. The dogs are loving the outdoors here and we had one of the cats get out this moring. By the time I opened the door he was more than willing to run back inside and hide in one of the kennels.  This place is filled up and almost every one seems to have a dog. most are on a line but a few are not, including the 3 behind us. So far, we have been lucky to not have them meet our dogs, but they do like to come into my yard while he's out "walking" them.. they pee in our yard.. I will have to speak up more, if I find any poop in the yard.  No reason for him to let all three run loose. As long as mine are on lines and they do as I say, all is good.  We, that is the dogs, got to meet the mastiff that is here, this morning. he cam to "see" the new dogs and my dogs wanted to "see" him.. no barking, growling or other aggressive behavor so all is good. As long as mine keep behaving like this, we will not have any troubles.   Since the man next door met our dogs last night, he's more aware of their size and temperament now, I think.  I've met his dogs and they act much like my own. I just don't want to feel like I have to check to see which dogs are out loose when my dogs behave and are on leads, which is standard in places like this.
We are having power problems.. and the breaker needs replaced. The man who does that sort of work, also has a day job and will be back this evening with a new breaker. he said it was a bad breaker. I told him I have to turn off the hot water tank before 10, when the sun starts to hit the power box, or we trip the breaker. It's got a soft touch to it. Tripped it 4 times the day we moved in. Twice on Sunday, 4 on Monday and 3 times yesterday, and that was after I turned off the hot water tank for the day.
We have the sunshields in all the windows but one.  And that helps but it still gets in the low 80's in here in the after noon. We have no shade. Momma D is having more spaces put in on the next level below this one and we will have first pick if we want to move the camper to one. Still no shade from the west, but we could move closer to the east side and have shade until about 11 am.  I just hate moving the camper, but if we can have our choice, then I may do that anyway to make walking the dogs easier for us. It's right on the boundry for some federal land and that's a nice place to walk the dogs.. We took a bit of a walk down a road this moring and I hope to walk further tomorrow down the same road.  I try to add a bit more each day to how far I walk, but a lot depends on how I feel.
Because we are so far from any good size town, I'll have to cook on pay days.  Ah well.. I figured that would happen.  But we are spending some time outside in the evening and not just on the couch in front of the t.v.

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