Wednesday, August 10, 2011

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Good Morning. Jerry is not feeling well so he stayed home from work today. He was up for a little bit, but has gone back to bed. He is now asleep and has three cats and one dog in the bed with him. I think they want him to feel better as well.
I'll do the rest of the laundry this afternoon. While I was putting away the clothes I washed yesterday, I noticed that Jerry didn't have any jeans left in his drawer. He has two pairs of pants left, but they are not jeans. I need my cut off sweats shorts as well. So I'll just have to do the rest today instead of spreading it out a bit more.
Well, then.. maybe I'll have my dinner out tomorrow, if Jerry is back to work. I enjoyed the meal I had at the buffet place just down the road last week with Heather.  As usual, it's a bit hard to do my daily work with Jerry home. I did clean the kennels this moring. Both were a mess. Yuck. And we have had to put cats in kitty jail. One for jumping on the counter and the other for curtain climbing. All are out of jail, for now. But, if they keep up the jumping and running I may have to rejail them so Jerry can get more rest.
Outside my door ... Wow. what a nice morning walk we had. Of course the dogs down the driveway were barking at us.. all 6 or 7 of them. Noisy little things. At least my dogs knew why we were out and were willing to get "there" and get done. I'll take them for another walk here in a bit, and then a short round of the driveways so they can stretch their legs a bit. Nothing like my brother's sled dogs, who love to run, but a good walk is what we all need. I can't help it that other peoples' dogs bark at my dogs. I'm walking on the road / driveway. Its just so much nicer to walk than it was last week. According to Weather Channel, our high is going to be mid 80's. Almost unheard of for the second week of August, Usually it's still in the low 90's.  I'll take this weather. Believe me I love it.
I talked to Beth a bit yesterday. She got a pacakage in the mail, that she just loves. She's starting to panic a bit because she doesn't have much baby stuff. She got a very lovely quilt from my friend, Cindi, in South Africa. What a great gift. Beth has been doing a bit of shopping. Got a few onies's and a few other things but since she doesn't have any room to store much, she's getting a bit antsy to get into her own place before the baby is born.
From the kitchen... Beef Sausage, Salad, Mac and Cheese. At least that's what the plan is. May change if Jerry doesn't want to have this.  I think we better eat the rest of the watermelon soon. I had some as part of breakfast and it's not going bad yet but I doubt it's going to last much longer either.
I am wearing... kakie shorts and a white tshirt. Just about my every day wear is a t shirt any more. I need to pick up a few more soon, though. These are no longer whilte.
Billie C.

We all love Desserts

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Annika said...

Hope your husband will feel better soon!