Tuesday, August 9, 2011


" I have noticed you use alot of rice in your meal planning. I KNOW YOU ARE DIABETIC AND WONDER HOW YOUR SUGAR LEVEL DOES'NT GO SKY HIGH. I am also diabetic and can't do rice. love your posts. jana "

Everyone reacts differently to different things,. I can't eat one slice of Pizza. I can eat the bread, or the sauce, but I can't have both. Rice does not raise my sugar at all, Yet I know it raised my Mom's a little bit. I do limit myself to only 1/2 cup of rice when I have it. Even if I have rice written on the meny there are times a last minute change is made. Tonight, when I realized how late it was, Jerry forgot his phone so he couldn't call me to let me know he was on his way home. I changed and made alfredo noodles from a package instead. I ate a large salad and only a couple of spoons of the noodles. Add in two small Chicken breasts strips and that was duinner. I may have some Watermelon in a bit but doubt it.

Do note that I change up, potatos one night, rice, then a noodle dish. rarely I'll have corn. or bread as in a hamburger.


Anonymous said...

Jeff is a diabetic, I do not cook white rice but we eat alot of brown rice with no problem with his sugar :)

jana said...

Read your reply to the rice. I can eat whole wheat noodles instead of regular ones. The fiber in them lowers the carbs. So you could try them and see what they do.Everyone's body is different. I can eat the toppings i like on pizza, but only in a noodle casserole.I just substitute. There is a bread that you can get that's very low in carbs. If you would like the name of it let me know. They ship it also. jana