Monday, August 22, 2011

August 22

Good Morning.... Well.  Let's see. Going back to Mid-week. Jerry called me to let me know he was on his way back home, around 9:30.  He went back to work on Satureday at 9:30 and for the next month, has to be in at 5:30 in order to get the daily water ready for on the job, for everyone. I'm sure this is suppose to be some sort of puniment, but to lose 30 hours, then work 11 1/2 hour days means he's going to make more money by the end of the month that he's lost for the 30 hours off work. Sure, it means getting up a bit earlier, only about 1/2 and hour or so eariler. But I can get a lot more done early in the morning while itls cooler, as well. We took advantage of the sistuation and on Thursday, we went Geo Caching. Jerry had a list of about 11 and we found all but 4 of them. One we didn't look for because it was in a very busy area. The other three, We just didn't find at all. If you read my blog you can read the story of the day. Friday,  We slept in until 10 am. Now that's not to say I didn't get up around 6, and walked the dogs and let the cats out, cause I did, then I put the cats back into a kennel and went back to bed.  We ate "Brunch", a very late breakfast, really.  Jerry could pick up his check around 3 pm so we thought we would check out some R.V parks closer to the job, and a quick run into Kentucky for a Geo-cache so we could add another state to our list of "finds".  We checked out 3 R.V. parks.  All much more expencive that this one, None had Wi-Fi. and two were just skanky. The first is just off the interstate. and they are packed. Parked so close together that I doubt you could fart and the neighbor not hellp but smell it. And no place to walk the dogs at all. No place to walk and the noise from the traffic was just loud. We checked out another one, much closer to the job. the only site he had open, was way too short for our camper.  The man there said he didn't think we would fit. But then again, he did say he may have a spot come open within two weeks. doubt it though. it's less that 1/2 a mile from the job. The third R.V. park we went to was, um.. intresting. There were two spots open, buth too short. While we were there though, some of the men were getting home from work and that's when the dogs came out. and not a one was on a lead and it didn't seem like any one really cared or not in the office.  i would have liked being there, but only because there was plenty of room to walk and for the dogs to play. The place is much more campground and is having a motorcycle event this next weekend. Music, bands, "games". and such. They also run a canoeing busmess where they take you to the small river, you put in, go down the river and they pick you up at the other end. That would be fun, if I know more how to swim. although you do have to wear a life vest so that would be ok by me.  She did take our name for a spot if one comes open but we really doubt if she'll call back. She wasn't so sure about our dogs. Don't know why,  We really should have taken them with us, I guess. She did mention that Elk's Harbor may have some sites open as they are expanding. When we left Jerry decided we could follow a different road to get home. It took us over three more hours to get home. The dogs and cats were sure happy to see us come in and let them out of the kennels.  Saturday, Jerry and I had to be up by 7 so he could be back to work at 9: 30.   Sunday.. yesterday.   .  . We slept in a bit. Jerry walked the dogs and that's what woke me up. I cleaned out the cat box. peeuuu. A total cleaning was needed. We ate breakfast at Shoney's and then went to the laundry mat next door to do jeans and two blankets that the machines here at this campground won't handle. We had all the laundry with us, but decided to just do what was needed. Cost was one reason, time another. We did the grocery shopping on our way home. We were able to keep that under $80 for the two of us. But we also didn't get much produce. The tomatoes were all brused and so were the cucumbers. I don't care how cheap it is.if it's still going to go bad before I can use it,, there's no reason to buy it. We did get lettuce and green peppers. Won't make much of a salad but that's what we have. After we got home, put away the grocries, walked the dogs and just rested a bit. We left to go check out Elk's Harbor R.V. campground. It was about an hour's drive away, but a nice country drive. And we ended up reserving a spot for us to move to, next weekend. it's much closer to where Jerry is working.

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