Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Good Morning...

Good Morning... Well, it's still mid morning. I headed back to bed around 7 am. and was up around 9, thanks to two of the cats. They were fast asleep when I laid down.  They then started playing. Now they are all in Kitty Jail.  Jerry checked out a house and said "NO". He was over two hours late getting home, because it was on a winding road and it was slow to drive, and then he got on 24, to 40 and although it was interstate. it was still a long ways to drive. He ate dinner, then went to bed. I don't blame him none.  I just feel bad that the place was is such sorry shape. We don't mind having to do a little fixing up, but not a grand re-do. 
We have rain this morning, but I just checked the Weahter Channel and once this is out, we should just have a few clouds. I hope we have clouds all day so the camper does not heat up too much.
The dogs know we didn't move much. Last night, I got one of Jerry's head lights. It's a light on a headband. I need both hands to walk the dogs at times.  I wasn't paying that much attention and we ended up behind the camper. The dogs still want to explore and I don't want to, at least not at night.  Yesterday, we took a short walk and three dogs came out barking. All are on lines, but the look that man gave me while he was putting his dogs up.. well I'd be a puddle if looks could kill.  If he ever says something, I'll just tell Mike. I was on the road, and I have as much right to walk my dogs on the road as any one else.
The Cats are in Kitty jail this morning. Two for counter jumping and two for waking me up! I had to wash out both kennels this morning after waking up. They were clean when I let them out at 4 am, They all had plenty of time to "take care of busness" before they were put back in at 6 am.  But while I had them out from under the shelf, I swept up where they belong and cleaned up so it wasn't too bad. 
From the kitchen, we are going to have Chicken Tenders, Salad. Rice, and Watermelon for dinner tonight. I'm not sure if I'm going to bake the chicken or cook it in a skillet.  A lot will depend on how warm it is this afternoon before I start cooking. Save a Lot had a sale of 5 for $19.99 and I took advantage of it, last week. These Tenders are pre-seasoned so all I have to do is put them in and let them cook.
I am hearing the T.V. (as usual) The View is just going off. I have 1/2 an hour before Y&R comes on.  It would be a good time to walk the dogs, if I could just get them to wait this long. We already took our second walk of the day. A short one, I admit.  I'll try to get a longer walk in this evening.
I am wearing jean shorts and my purple flowered top.  I have to do laundry this afternoon. I just pooped out yesterday afternoon. I don't want to have to do laundry on Jerry's only day off. So I'll do a load a day and see how that works out for us. I'll go once Y&R is over with and see how much time it takes to do one cycle. Usualy it's only about an hour.\
I am reading? I'll have to get in the closet and pick out a book to take with me over to the office to read while the laundry is being done. I have several books on the shelf and I really should start reading again.
A few plans for the rest of the week, besides laundry, is to keep the camper cleaner. I've gotten lazy the last few weeks and been letting things slide.  I really do need to keep on top of things or I'll letl it just get to me and make me depressed. The heat wasn't helping and having all the shields in all the windows didn't help either. I sure don't want to put them back in, but I may have to, in order to keep the camper cool enough.
Billie C.

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jana said...

I have noticed you use alot of rice in your meal planning. I KNOW YOU ARE DIABETIC AND WONDER HOW YOUR SUGAR LEVEL DOES'NT GO SKY HIGH. I am also diabetic and can't do rice. love your posts. jana