Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Can you say "Tired"?

Can you say "Tired"? After not getting mcuh sleep the night before, and not going back to bed after Hubby left for work, I stayed up and cleaned the camper before Heather and the kids got here. She only had one bobble. Instead of turning right, then getting into the left hand lane. She turned left. After about 10 minutes she realized she had made a mistake and texted "R" who called me. I told him to tell her to turn around. And I walked to the end of the road (about 1/4 mile, more or less) in the heat cause it was close to 11 am. A few minutes of standing near the RR tracks, she turned in and picked me up at the Arby's and drive back to the camper. Of course my dogs needed a walk. When we released the cats from the kennels. mayham insued. There were 4 cats trying for find hiding places, Ony every direction they turned there was another stranger. finally everything setteled down and the cat found places to hide from the kids. After a bit, Smokey decided that he would rather have the attention. Those kids have worn him out !! They picked up and carried him all afternoon long, Heather needed to smoke and I don't even Let Hubby smoke inside the camper. So we took the dogs out for a walk. it was still hot outside (about 2 pm) and I though I was going to have to have Heather go get her car and pick me up. I just don't handle heat very well any more. Made it back to the camper, got in and got cooled off then we had sandwiches for lunch. by this time. Heather was finally getting tired and laid down on one of the beds. I kept the kids occupied with some crafts (will post pictures later) but keeping the dogs away was a different matter. Now these dogs are use to me taking a nap, but they are also use to sleeping with us. finally got both of them to leave her alone and one of the cats decided it wanted to sleep with her. I think it was Fuzzybutt. B will not say all of Fuzzybutts name. the second part she drops. She just calls her Fuzzy. Corbin don't care. He'll say it because he knows it's the only time he's allowed to use that word. I explained to B that when it's part of a name, it's not a bad word. OHhh. Okay. When the kids started to get antsy, we took the dogs out to potty (again) then I put them back in the camper and took the kids for a short walk up to the office. I needed to check the mail. After doing that and letting the kids look around (didn't pick up anything though) we went out the back door and I let the kids play at playground for about 45 minutes. Their dad called and I had no problem with his talking to the kids. He sounded like I wasn't going to let him talk to them. Now why would I do that? He is their Dad and they love him. they all talked about 15 minutes or so. The kids got hot so we went back to the camper and got more drinks. Oh..forgot to say, almost as soon as they came in through the door it was "I'm thirsty". I had picked up some orange plastic glasses over the weekend just for this and I handed each kid a glass and some permament markers to decorate their own glass with. C is still in the scribble stage but B made a row of heart shaped flowers all around her glass.

After Hubby got home, had dinner and we all talked a bit, Heather went and got her motel room paid for, for two nights. Came back for a while and we sat outside for a bit. i was driven back into the camper by the misquitos. B joined me inside for the same reason.

Know the best way to keep two kids occupied? give them each a flashlight. I don't keep the lights on inside because they make it hotter in here. So they used the lights to look into just about every thing that was low enough they could see in. Heather also did a quick tour of the camper. She said she could see how she and the kids could live in this much (or little) space easy enough since she doesn't do crafts or collect any thing .

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