Thursday, August 11, 2011

Good Morning... August 11

 Oh, um.. Good Afternoon is more like it.  Jerry is home again today. once he wakes up again, we may head to the urgent care clinic that is just down the road a bit. I'm hoping I don't have to go with him, but he may want me to, anyway. He was doing ok for a little while this morning. But then he got up and even before I started making his breakfast he started to not feel so well. He's better but not good. I'l letting him sleep as much as he wants and trying to keep the dogs and cats from bothering him too much.
It's another nice day outside. I'm planning another long walk this evening with the dogs, only not as late as yetserday's walk. I would like to get back to our camper before it gets too dark. Ah, I noticed yesterday, while looking out the window that it looks more like the first week of September out there than the second week of August. Do you know what I mean?  It's still hot outside but not as hot.  The air feels different, as well.  It's easier to breath, at least to me. The dogs seem to want to walk further. They Pull a bit more in certain areas as well. Got to make them stop doing that. I know it's because other dogs are in the area and they want to visit. There are also cats in the area and my dogs want to visit with them, as well.  I do wonder just how long this weather is going to last. I would love to get into the pool a couple of more times. I don't go alone at all. I dont' even go in through the gate since I don't tan and just want to get wet in the shallower end of the pool.
We seem to have a peeping kid.  She's a cute little thing and she wants to come see the kitties in the back window. Dad had a hard time with her yesterday keeping her away from the back of our camper and I think our cats were encouraging her to come peek inside. I saw him lead her away at least 4 times.
Because Jerry didn't feel well, at all. I just had a sandwich and chips for din ner and watermelon for dessert. I hope that it stays cool enough that I can start to do a bit of cooking. tonights meal will be  Beef Sausage, Salad, Mac and Cheese and melon for dessert.
Billie C.
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