Friday, September 2, 2011

Sept 2, 2011

Good Morning... Whew, It's HOT . Even this morning when we got up, it is still hot. The tempature was 75F. The high today is going to be very close to 100 again today. Tomorrow don't look much better. I have to turn off the hot water tank around 10 am to keep from tripping a breaker that cuts off the power to the whole camper. It was so hot yesterday that We ate out last night. It's bad when we drive for almost an hour, to eat at a Sonic's. Then takes about 45 minutes to get back to the camper. Jerry is going to pick up something on his way home tonight. It's just too hot to cook in the camper and add more heat to an already struggleing air conditioner. Even if we had the window unit in, it would just blow that breaker. The box is in the full sun in the aternoon and it just over heats and that breaker just can't stand the heat.
I did two loads of laundry yesterday. The jean almost got dry.. almost. I put them on hangers and put them over my bed. Jerry put them back in a tub for me last night before going to bed. I have to fold up all the laudry I've done, before it gets too hot to move. Here it is, not yet 5:30, and I've cleaned both kennels where the cats made a mess, I then finished up the cleaning of the bathroom. And scooped the catbox. I already know that I'll most likely take a long afternoon nap, and will try to sleep while it's just too hot to move. I'm just taking a short break and letting my back stop hurting a bit. I tried giving the cats a small can of water in each kennel since I fed them so late last night. All they did was tip them over and made a larger mess. Guess I'll just have to feed earlier instead.
Once the sun comes up enough I can see to walk, I'll take the dogs out early. As much as I hate it, I'll have to take them out before 5:30 pm when our behind us neighbor gets home and let's his 3 out. They are ok, but he has one that he does not put on a lead. Although it acted aggressive toward my dogs, once they snapped back at it, it quickly changed attitude. He's only got three legs he's still a rather large dog and I don't want them to really get into a "king of the hill" type of fight. I'm just not sure who would come out on top. I never walk my dogs with them loose. Not even when we were at Beth's for so long, did my dogs have outside freedom. I'm just not sure how they would behave. Macon gets rather side tracked at times, and then forgets every thing including that he's suppose to come to his name.
The cats want to sit in the back and watch the birds in the trees that are on the north side of the camper. Too bad those trees are not full enough to cover that Electrical box. They are tall, thin pines. I do need to take a small plastic bag with me to collect Pine cones to make fire starter with.
I have mis-placed my camera. I want to try to find it before I take the dogs out this morning. would be nice to take a few pictures of the dogs playing in the "yard" and while we are walking. My Cell phone takes ok pictures but I much prefer my camera.
I don't know why Momma D has any rules, she don't follow them either and I know many people have the attitude that if the owner isn't going to follow her own rules why should any one else. Day before yesterday, Some of the "younger" people had music (if you can call it that) rather loud. I had to step outside to hear Beth on the cell phone and instead of trying to hear through the static, I had to try to hear her over Grunge boy bands. I don't care what other's want to hear, but why do I have to hear it? Really, there isn't any reason for it to be that loud.. Why do people play music so loud they have to shout to talk above it? What's up with that anyway? if you want the music to mask what your talking about. move closer together to talk. At least most of it was over with by the time Jerry got home. I've seen only two other dogs on a lead here. Now, I admit that the puppy is young, but now is the time to train it to walk with a lead. I would guess it's only 6 to 9 weeks old. Follows his "people" well enough, but they are not paying enough attention to call it when it starts to stray away from them. Oh well. As long as I'm taking care of "MY" dogs, and the other's leave me and mine alone, .... but I do wander what to do, if one of those loose dogs come and start a fight with mine. First thing I'll do is drop the lead and step back. I don't want bit. But, I sure would hate to have to sue someone because they choose to not control their dog on a lead while they are outside their camper.
I may make some pudding to go with what ever Jerry picks up on his way home from work tonight.

Billie C

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