Monday, August 8, 2011

August 8

Good Morning... What a weekend. Jerry was told mid week that from here out, they are working 60 hours per week.  Oh boy. (overtime) Good thing we didn't make any plans for the weekend.
 So now we can only sleep in one day a week. Yeah, right. the dogs had us up by 6:30 because of the thunder they heard. I got them out just in time. Just as we got back in the house, it started raining. Part of what woke us up was we lost power for a few seconds. Everything came back one and by the time I had taken  the dogs out, gotten "dressed", taken my med's and all the rain had all but stopped.
Putting all the animals into the kennels, we went out for breakfast at "The Farmer's Market".  I ended up spilling a full cup of coffee when I reached for the Salt. The bottom of the salt shaker caught on the wire rack the salt and pepper are in, and it tipped every thing over into my coffee cup. what a mess.  But I didn't let it ruin my day. I just moved to the other side of the table and I got another cup of coffee. "The Farmer's Market" is a buffet style place to eat. Jerry likes it better than Shone's. Not by much.
 From there, we went driving around.  If only this area was closer to his job. We found a few nice places that are for rent. But this hour one way drive is really taking it's toll on Jerry.
 On Saturday night, we both were looking on Craig's list for houses for rent. One place, when the person wrote back, was a scam.. saying how he's out of country and on a mission... I wrote back. that we are no longer interested. Even if he's legit (I read a note on Craig's list that it's a scam) I do not want to deal with someone who is not at least in the state, and would much prefer someone who is in the city or county the house is in. Anyway. I had found one ad, that I thought I had answered last week, but wrote to it again anyway, leaving Jerry's phone number. No reason to give mine, I'm not in the area to go look at any place, Jerry will have to look after work. Well, we got a call and Jerry is going to check it out after work today. He may get a rain out, that would be good, in a way, since he could use some of the day to look for either a campground or a house for us to rent that is much closer to the job.
Back to Sunday's adventures.  After our drive, and we did see some nice country down some nice country roads, We stopped and I got to look for a Geocache that I had on a watch list and had received a note that it was still there. Jerry let me get out and look for it. There it was, under the edge of the fancy part, close to the ground. Signed the log (still need to log it on the Geo Cache site) no pictures, as we both forgot our camera's. We were not expecting to look for any caches.  We get back to the camper, and, guess what?  NO POWER. Thinking we may have just tripped a breaker, we did the usual breaker check. Both inside, then out. Well none were tripped. So I go look at the neighbor's meter and it's working.  Hum.  hum. hum..... Jerry goes up and tells Mike we have no power. That we had power after the lights flickered but now we don't. He comes down and does the breaker check like we did. His handyman comes down and also does the breaker check and checks the meter next to us and sees that it's working. Gets out a meter and there's a back feed from somewhere up the line. Seems ours is the only site it's effected.
We had to move to a different site. Not what Jerry wanted to do on his day off work.  I had to move things off counters and the TV so nothing would fall and get broken while Jerry was undoing things outside. Mike goes and finds an open site we can have.  Finally found a site. We try driving in from one direction, um.. that's not going to work, so we go up to the office, turn the rig around (Give me 40 Acers song reminder) and head into the site from the other direction. In order to get all the lines to reach. we have to almost pull all the way to the road and there isn't a way for Jerry to park the van behind the camper and still get out if someone parks behind us. which someone did last night. So he had to park sidewise in front of the camper.
while setting up, the sewer hose finally broke. I say finally since I have been telling Jerry we really need to replace it since before we left Jackson AL.  We have just been lucky that it lasted this long.
At least this site wasn't as hard to get the camper level on. We now have some extra blocks of wood. I have to take the dogs further to potty. At least it's not as hot as it was last week.
When we made "one more trip" to Wal-mart, I picked up some Kiwi and some Apricots as well as a watermelon. I have been wanting watermelon since July 4 th. I cut up the cantaloupe we had in the fridge after dinner last night. I'll cut up the watermelon something today.
 Well, it's almost 5:30 and I need to clean the camper, again. I want to get it all done before the sun comes up and starts heating it up, in here.
 I did explain to Mike that his meter does not have an outlet for 110 and that this tin can heats up more than the overhead air can cool. Can us still plug into the 110 at the box during the heat of the day with the window unit. Sure, no problem.  I think we surprised him in asking and not in just doing it.
Outside my door ... Still to dark to tell. But if I can trust the weatherman. we are going to get wet this afternoon.
The Dogs ... think we really moved the camper a long way. and want to explore everything. I'll have to take them for a walk once the sun comes up so they know we didn't move far.
The Cats ... are trying to get into my pot of catnip. I have to take it outside today. I need to find a good, shady place, to put it. It really took off when we got here and I had it in the shade. I may break off a few leaves and put them in a kennel for the cats.
From the kitchen...  I'm not sure what I'm going to make for dinner, just yet.  We had hot dogs yesterday. Jerry said that sandwiches would work last night, but I wanted more than just bread and meat. I cut up some green peppers, 1/2 a cucumber and a tomato that really was all but gone and a few baby carrots to go with the hot dogs.  I need to check the fridge and figure out a menu plan for this week.
I am hearing...  I have the TV on. That's normal. The weather is on, still looks like Clarksville is going to get socked this afternoon. with temps around 90 to 92 for the area.
I am wearing... right now, a house dress. Not the blue one but a shorter, lighter one.  I'll take a shower here in a bit then put on shorts and a white T-shirt.
I am reading... emails and recipes
I am creating... I have to find a shipping box to send out a Swap in. The theme is the letter "C" and it's ready to go.  Mike said if I took him the box, he'd send it out for me, when I explained I can't get the van. Until I get my glasses replaced I am not doing any driving.
A few plans for the rest of the week... We never did get to the laundry over the weekend. We did pick up a luggage cart. ( two wheel, foldable) that I can strap a tub to and take a tub at a time to the laundry room which is cheaper than the local Laundromats by almost 1/2. If I get most of the camper cleaned before 9, I can go do a load of laundry a day today, tomorrow and Wednesday.

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