Friday, August 5, 2011

August 5, 2011

Good Morning... Wow, I'm writing this in the morning !! ha ha. I almost didn't make it this time, either. I went back to bed thinking I'd be up by 8 and it was 10. I just i really needed the sleep. I've gotten breakfast and med out of the way. Said my prayers. Straightened up the Bathroom and scooped out the cat box, then I've taken the dogs out, again. So much more to go, but I feel better today and so I may get more done.  I' have to see if I still have the leak over the fridge from the air conditiner. (got an idea to ask Jerry about on that) If it's not leaking then I can use that dish pan. otherwise, I'll need to clean out the one I have filled with plastics under the sink and start using that one.  and I do need to clean the counter by the fridge and re-arrange it, again.
Oh, it looks like I just walked the dogs in time to miss a summer shower. It just got darker outside. (just checked weather channel map, and it looks like I'm right)  I saw someone up on their roof, cold coating it. I hope he gets done before it starts to rain. We need the rain around here. the trees are shedding leafs and that's never a good thing this time of the year.
The cats and dogs seem to have recovered from the constant attention the Grand Kids gave them while they were here visiting.  Smokey is still laying around and wants to be carried everywhere. Tupelo is still hiding but that's the normal for her. Fuzzybutt wants Jerry to hold her all the time. She can't wait for him to sit down so she can get on his arm. Strips has been getting into more trouble than usual. Jumping up on the sink, in plain sight of me. Running from end to end. When he starts that, Smokey will chase him. I would like to think that it's because Smokey knows that running like that gets everyone put into kitty jail.
It was so hot yesterday that we ate out. Jerry needed to put gas in the van anyway. I needed to run into Wal-Mart anyway. I picked up some drink mix for him, some yarn to finish up the baby blanket I'm making for Baby Heather, and some Cutter's bug spray. Yes, it worked this morning to keep my legs itch free. I put some on last night but still had an itch. I'm not sure if it was a bug or just an old bug bite that was healing. 
Ah.. the sweet sound of rain on the roof top. Such a nice sweet sound when it's been so hot outside. I do hope that it cools things down even more and not just raise the humidity. And. I don't have to water my one pot of Catnip I have growing outside the doorway.  I really want to pick up a couple of small planters and get some flowers for by my door. But it will have to be flowers that repel bugs and not attract them. Maigolds are good for that.
I had to trim my grey shorts a bit more. they were just a tad too long.  Also they were a bit crooked so I fixed that before putting them on this morning. 
Billie C.

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