Thursday, August 18, 2011

What do you do...

What do you do when you have an unexpected day off?

Well.. we go Geo Cache hunting. right of. Hubby has to look up all the caches we are going to search for, today. He's got the paid membership while I have a free one. A Grr on that in a bit.

But before we can leave, the dogs "have" to go for a ride. They just gotta go. Can't wait.
So, Hubby gets in some pants and takes them out along with the trash. Theyu not only get a ride, the get to take care of busness as well before getting back into the camper. The cats in the meantime, have to be rounded up and put into the kennels. Oh yeah. All 4 got a quick dunking in warm water this moring. They made a huge mess in a kennel and not only did they each get a bath, I had to wash out the kennel. I forgot and left the roll of T.P. down. guess what got shredded while we were eating breakfast.

don't you just love all the demon eyes we have in here?

Ming's Court, is a Buffet Restraunt, Yep Asian food. Hubby does not eat Asian food. I love it. We searched and searched for this last week. I know we looked in the tree, where we found it. Hubby was determined to find it this time.

And it's in plain sight, really.

Well, we are one for one. time to look for number 2. And we almost passed it. I looked in the guard rail and didn't see it, Hubby found it, right off. Ah well. it was well hidden up in the crevas of the metal.

The clue for the next one said, Not a skirt lifter. We pulled up and well, there isn't a skirt to lift. Hubby thought he saw it, under the pole support.. nope. I found it. I love finding this kind, now that I know what they look like.

I didn't find the next one, Hubby did though. I was looking in the right place but I'm not sticking my hand down in some spider web in a hole in a tree. He's got the picture but I've not got it from him, just yet.

We got thirsty so we stopped at a local store. See what I found outside? brought back lots of memories of when I was a child, in Grand Junction Colorado, way back when. I would walk down to the store, get in the horse and ask strangers for a quarter until someone in the store would come tell me it's time to go home.

Even I don't remember when "Steam was King" but here is a machine for that time. There's a cache somewhere here. It was found yesterday, but we didn't find it today. We moved a couple of bricks but we didn't want to mess with the flower bed too much. We will search again in a couple of week if we have a chance to. Here is the plaque for it...

Here is the machine

The next cache was a skirt lifter, At the health department. The title didn't fit the cache at all. But we found it anyway.

Inside the bottle was this 1964 penny. I had to take several pictures before I got one that would show the date. I didn't take my glasses with me.

this one was not too far away from the one with the penny in it.. A nice large cache in a city, no less. A great way to spend the day is hunting up these things, don't you think?

We did hunt up a couple more that I didn't get pictures of. One at a lodge. Cool find on that one and it's on a challenge hunt. We may decide to do that hunt later, First we just want to find more caches.

We had a couple of no find.. well we found 7 out of 10.. that's above our average.

About that Grr, I mentoned before. I can't log caches we found that are hidden and only for "Premiun" Members (sorry about the spelling) Hubby can log that they were found. And, Hubby forgot to mark which ones were PM's. I do wish they had a family membership program for that. I could have been doing something else instead of looking for caches I can't log in to. like reading emails or posting to a group or two.. Ah well. .it's only time.

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Annika said...

Geo-caching sounds like such an adventure. My father-in-law is quite interested in it, but has never done it himself. Neither have I! Have a great weekend!