Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Good Morning

Good Morning
I did mention that it's COLD outside, this morning. So cold that the dogs were not happy to go outside, but once out were more than ready to "take care of busness" and get back inside. Barney wanted to play ball though and after the first couple of tosses, Macon took the ball away from him.  As soon as Rocky "scratched" the ground (His way of telling me he's finished) he was ready to go back inside. Barney was shivering yet still willing to chase his ball. Macon was more than happy to take that ball and bring it into the house.  The cats have barely moved off my bed. I changed out an non working electric blanket for one that works yesterday and I was fighting the cats off my feet all night long. I don't mind them sleeping with me, but they have to stay away from my feet.They are still on my bed but I turned off the blanket hours ago when we got up.
We have a few flurries overnight, enough to lightly coat every thing with more snow. Nothing deep, just nice and frosty.  Now the sun is shining and I'm hoping for some solar heating here in the camper today. Our high is to be close to 30 according to the news but I see by my weather thing under my signature we won't make that.. but it's warmer than it was yesterday, anyway. We may be getting more snow Saturday. Each time I hear the weather on the news the amount changes.. from 1/2 an inch to up to three inches in this morning news.
Jerry is very happy with his remote starter on the truck. Said it was nice and comfy when he left for work this morning.  I did text him that we are going to have to pick up tubes of sand this weekend. to go over the back tires of the truck.
I think I'm going to have to make a "winter" kit for the truck. I'll have to look in the camper area for one of those silver blankets. They are well worth the cost for the amount of space they safe in a can.. In the can will be a lighter, two candles, some hard candy a space blanket and a set of hand warmers. of course I may toss a couple of regular blankets onto the back seat because I love to cover when we are on a longer trip. Oh yeah, I better find a piece of Red Material as well as a notebook or some paper and a pencil for note writing.
We have left the water running a little bit over night. I made sure that it was warm and not just the cold water that was running because the other night we almost froze our hot water line.  Brenda did say she's seen the time where sewer lines have frozen over, as well.. if it's going to be that cold... I'll just have Jerry remove the water line from the camper and drain it, and put it back on the next day. But from what I just saw on the news about the weather we are not going to have to do that this week.
Jerry is wanting Fish Sticks for dinner. The last few times I've asked him what he wants for dinner he'll mention the fish sticks, then recall that something else is already in the fridge or doesn't take the oven to fix. We can't have both the heater and the oven on at the same time. The breakers just can't handle both at the same time.  Of course,  to go along with those, I'll make a box of Mac and Cheese.  Comfort food, for sure.  I'll make a salad and Sugar Free Butterscotch pudding to go with our meal.
I am considering putting on some fleece leggings under my sweat pants this morning, but I don't want to get use to that and then need even more later this year.  I am wearing a light blue sweat shirt this morning but if this cold keeps up, I'll be putting on a t-shirt under it.
I just saw an idea for a Christmas ornament that I may adjust and use for myself.  (  ). I think I can use my Cricut or the Cuttlbug to do the cutting for me.
Wow. We just had a blast of wind.  It rattled everything. The windows, shook the camper and the apple trees are moving with the wind as well. I sure hope that don't happen too often here.
Well. I have got to get up and away from the computer. I need to do the daily clean up here, including the dishes and sweeping the floors and I know that moving will make me feel warmer so I have got to get up and do that.
I hope your having a good day, I'll check in to my mail box again later today... Be blessed.

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Patricia Johns said...

It sounds like it's getting chilly! We finally got snow and the temperature dropped up here in Canada, but by next week we'll be hovering around freezing again. Dare I say it... it seems like it will be a mild winter!