Saturday, October 11, 2014

Grand Kids Halloween Cards

I hate that I can not enjoy Halloween with any of our Grand kids each year.  We are just never close enough to any one of them to be there and enjoy watching the other kids in costume as well.  I do enjoy sending them things in the mail and so I made Halloween cards to send to them.
I got a box of embossing folders in the mail this week that I was waiting for and put some of them to good use. First I did the flaps of the envelopes I'm going to use to send out the cards in. I want to work more on doing this, for Christmas time and the card exchanges I hope to be in.
 The spider-web and spider are embossed and one is debossed .. both look good to me.
I am loving this fence idea and used it for the inside of the cards, as well.  I picked up some stamps and wanted to use them inside the cards. They are all three the same .
I printed out Halloween pictures (and a lot of other pictures) a few weeks ago and had to find just the right ones to use on the cards for the kids. I think this one is going to my youngest grand daughter, Heather. She's 3.
I am thinking that this one is going to go to Bailey, our oldest grand daughter. She's 10
and Corbin will getting this scary cat.

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