Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June 13, 2014

June 13, 2014
Howdy. I hope you are having a great day.
I had breakfast outside this morning. Grapes, a Banana and some Strawberries.  I had to put Macon back inside because he didn't want to pay attention when I called his name. I have a kennel outside and Had to put Rocky in it when he refused to stop barking at neighbors who were walking close to the yard. Barney got to stay on his line because he wasn't getting into too much trouble. He can hardly bark when he has a ball in his mouth.  It was very cool this morning when we woke up. (47F) and I went back to bed once Jerry left for work, until it warmed up a bit.
I've gotten the dishes done and the beds made. I still have a way to go on the house chores and I'm taking my time. Dinner will be easy tonight since I cooked the hamburger meat yesterday with Taco seasoning in it and then we ended up eating out because we had to go to Nevada for parts to fix a water leak.  It's fixed and changed a bit. Jerry put a 90 angle connection on both the in and out of the hot water tank so the flex hose is not longer bent at a sharp angle. I just don't know why he didn't do that the firs time he had to replace one of the hoses a while ago. At leat now, that will not be a problem.
 I plan on spending more time outside this afternoon, under the apple trees while the dogs do what dogs do. I do have to clean up their messes, but that isn't going to take me too long. I just have to get the bags ready to do that with. I'll move our trash can back from the curb while I'm at it.  I need to put on my gloves and do some cleaning around the fire pit, as well. 
I did get the dog poop cleaned up, after I cleaned out the cat box. I used the same bag for both. I tied that bag tight, then put in the trash bag and tied it up tight as well, Hope that helps keep the smell down in the trash can. 
The cats are not happy since I won't let them go outside. Tupelo got out a couple of times yesterday and when I tried to get her to come inside and eat her canned food she refuesed to come in. So when she did come in, she didn't get her canned food. Bad cats don't get canned food.
I want to make or pick up a couple of wind chimes to hang in the trees. I may get more pony beads and make my own, as well as buy a couple. With 5 trees I have plenty of branches to hang things off of. 
I am waiting for the mobil home that is next to us to be moved out. I'm sure that area will need some cleaning up and I can help with that.
I have the radio on since we havn't called the Dishtv yet to see what we need to have service again. That is why these daily Howdy notes are so old. I'm writing and will send them once we get service again.
It's been so cool here that I've only worn shorts one time and that was only for a few hours.  Once I take my shower this afternoon, I think I'll put on shorts for the rest of this day.  I cut a few of my older sweat pants into shorts just before leaving Danville. Good thing I left a few pants because it's been so much cooler here, that I need pants to wear. 
Whew. I just (finally) got my shower.  It's about time.  Jerry needs to lower the back just a little bit so the tub will drain. I sorted the launcry while I have the tubs out of the way.  Now my nose wants to run away with me.  Yuck.  Fighting a headache as well. I can't find my usual stuff to take so I took some Asprin. It's going to take a bit to work, I think. 
Yes, I put on shorts after my shower. I have to find my shampoo and stuff but at least I can wash up with hand soap and that will get me clean. I just need to take my time and find the rest of the things and put them back where they belong.
Afternoon "snack" was a cup of strawberry yogurt and a bread stick. I think I need to bake them in the toaster oven a bit longer as it just isn't what I expected it to be.

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