Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 8, 2014

For Today ... July 8, 2014
Howdy....  And good Morning. (It's early, 5:30) The daylight hours are getting shorter and I can already see a difference. It's light out, but not as light as it use to be. Harder to tell the colors of things outside just yet. But the great thing is I can open the windows and door and vents for a while each morning to let in the fresh cool air. If we were still "south" I doubt I would still be able to do that. Our high today is in the low 80's.  I'm loving this.... but I know that Winter in Iowa can be way more cold that this or any camper is able to handle and keep comfortable in. We will want to leave here before wintertime gets here.  The weather man just said that our high today is going to be around 82, I may not even have to turn on the air at all today.
The dogs are loving this weather most of the time. I have them tied to one of the Apple trees here and they get to run out into the sun or lay in the shade when they are out. I do have to "clean up" after them at least once a day, but that's okay, I want to keep this lot looking as nice as I can.  I have some things I need to move around a few things and straighten up around the camper a bit,  maybe I can do that this morning, while the dogs are out for their second break. I'm going to let Barney take a ball out then and that will keep him busy for a bit and Rocky will get to lay in the sun. Macon will find a few places to roll.
 I had all three cats sleeping on my bed with me this morning.  They all went into the kennel without any trouble today. Yesterday I had to chase the cats down to put them in the kennel before Jerry left for work. Today they were more than willing to go in on their own. I was able to let them out sooner, as well. They are not allowed "out" while they are protesting being in the kennel. Once they shut up for a few minutes, I'll open the door.
I just cooked up some Onion and Mushrooms in butter. I didn't want to lose my Mushrooms and they were starting to weep a little. I also cooked up some bulk Sausage I had on hand. Jerry didn't like it so we will not be getting more of it.  Now that its cooked, I'll divid it up into serving portions and freeze for my own use later. 
I am hearing... I've got morning news on, but the birds are singing in the morning sun and it can get very noisy at times as there seems to be plenty of birds in this area. We have some Cardnals in the apple trees and I saw a Blue Jay in the tree next door. I've seen a few hawks and finches and swallow's flying around from time to time. I have not seen many wild geese or turkeys or buzzards here.
The other day, while talking to the neighbor, Brian, we saw a deer come out of the trees bewteen two campers across the street and come over to the road before she noticed us watching her and she took off back into the woods. That's the third deer I've  seen since we got here.
I am wearing... Brown cut off sweat pants (shorts) and a stained up white t-shirt. I'm not going any where so I can wear stuff like this that don't look the greatest. I have a pair of pink earrings in my ears.
I am hoping... That Jerry is feeling better when he gets home today than what he felt yesterday when he got home. He hardly said anything to me last night. We both went to bed early. He said he got too hot yesterday. I believe that because it was so humid out and I didnt take the dogs out much yesterday and they were more than willing to run back into the house as soon as they finished what they were outside for.
A few plans for today...  Once I clean up the dishes and fold some laundry and make the beds, I want to clean up outside and tranplant some plants into some fresh soil and find a safe place for them outside for the rest of summer.
A few plans for the rest of the week... Keep up with the housework,  and take care of the pets. I would like to work on some craft before the week is done.
07 03 14
 We went to De Moines just to see how far away it is... it's a good sized city. Should be, because it's the capital of the state. We did a bit of shopping. Bought two new computers, Jerry has his set up. I'll keep mine in the box until I really need it as it's larger than this laptop is that I'm using now. It will be my back up for when this one acts up again. Picked up a carpet to go outside the door so the dirt will hopefully stay outside now and not on my brown carpet inside. I got a humming bird feeder, still need to fill it and hang it up. A "Y" for the water hose outside. I picked up a couple of plants. I need to take my table outside, but first I need to clean up and move a few things. We stopped at the food store on the way home. Good thing we did as its going to be closed tomorrow. We Needed to pick up a meat for tomorrow, the rest was just stuff I knew we were out of. I needed oil as I used the last of it cooking Jerry's breakfast two mornings ago but the rest was just extra's. I found a good sized bag of ripe bananas for 99 cents. A quart box of strawberries for $1.69. We picked up Charcoal for when we want to cook our hamburgers. Every else where we were today was selling either two bags of Charcoal or large bags and we only need a small bag because we may only cook outside two or three times and just don't need that much of the stuff. Jerry also picked up some Hickory Charcoal briquettes to put with the charcoal to help flavor our burgers with. We got the pet food first thing this morning and I already have everything else we need for a while in the fridge.
I've met a few of the neighbors. A couple of girls who help with cleaning up. across the road and behind the trailer behind our camper. It's nice and usually quiet around here. Every now and then I hear a radio or someone talking loud. I think the older neighbor across the street is a bit deaf and so every one talks really loud around him. Most are long stays here as it's a trailer park and not a campground. There is about 10 campers here, plus those owned by those living in the trailers. There is about 15 trailers that I can think of. 5 or 6 of those are torn up and empty. Most of those, are in the process of being cleaned up or moved off.
07 04 14
Yesterday,We went to Walmart to cash Jerry's check and he picked up two computer I spotted on sale. Then, we ate breakfast at Perkins. Then we headed to De Moines just because we could. We drove around on the interstate twice I think, before we headed back home. We did stop at a home depot where I picked up a couple of plants and a piece of carpet I could lay outside our doorway.  Back home and Jerry put the carpet down for me and we let the dogs outside for a while. I also picked up a 6 pack of Tiki lamps, and while at Walmart, I got a hanging basket so I can move some of my plants outside and hang them off of one of the trees here.
today (4th) We went to a little mom and pop's cafe and found a treasure. It's not only a cafe but a museum (of sorts) all sorts of information on the Lincoln Highway and how it came about.  We loved it. Then a short drive to a local Dollar General, looking for a grill, No grill but we did pick up a few items. I got another wind chime, and found some candy we wanted (don't "Need" it but wanted it)  From there it was head to Walmart to find a grill. Jerry found one. priced a canopy (didn't pick one up) then home again. Jerry put the grill together and I got to talk to the little boy next door for a bit while his father was working under the trailer that is parked next to our camper. He put the wheels on the axles so it can be moved (soon, I hope)  I hung up a few things in the trees and Jerry is taking a nap while I'm on my computer

Billie C.

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