Tuesday, November 4, 2014

For Today ... Nov 4

Howdy and Hello.  It's almost mid day here in Iowa and it's a nice bright day outside. Not ure how warm it is as we havn't been outside since the dogs wanted out at 5 am. I'll take them out at 12:30, after the mid-day news is over. I really need to "scoop" the yard today I put Duct Tape on some of the camper windows and we can sure tell the difference. I can't reach the rest of the window so Jerry is going to have to take care of that for me this next weekend.
Outside my door ... Filted Sunshine.  A few high clouds are doing a bang up job of filtering the sun.  Warm today, warmer tomorrow then the bottom falls out again and we will be cold again.
The Dogs ... are all sleeping but once I get ready to go outside they will be all excited and willing to be ouside. Barney will want to take a ball out and I'm going to let him take it out. We will play ball for a little bit, then Macon will steal the ball (again) and hold onto it until we are all back inside, just like he did yesterday. Rocky will want to find a nice warm sunny place in the grass to lay in and bask in the sun until it's time to come back inside.
The Cats ... are trying to find a sunny window to get into and bask in some sun of their own. I do wish I could let them out from time to time but there are so many strays here and some have been very sick. I know my cats have had their shots but that doesn't mean they still can't catch something.
From the kitchen... I shared a recipe for a cooky I want to make this afternoon, baking them in the toaster oven. We are going to have a smoked sausage, Salad, Baked potatoes and Green Beans for dinner tonight.
I am hearing... The T.V. is on, but once Y and R and the news are over with, I"m thinking of turning it off and playing some Christmas music for a couple of hours.
I am wearing... black sweat pants and my bright pink t-shirt with ironed on stones in a flower pattern on it. My button tennis shoes. The buttons are held together with elastic through the lace holes and are easy on and easy off.
I am reading... emails and craft instructions and a chapter of the Bible. I need to find a book on my Kindle to read, and soon.
I am thinking... I need to get up from this chair and do something soon
I am thankful for... Wonderful weather in November. It could be so much worse than just a bit cool around here. 
I am hoping... That my daughter hears about getting into her new apartment soon. She really needs to move into a safe, clean place. She will be so much happyer if she could move where her Ex can't watch her every move.
I am creating... A cleaner camper and I think I'll try to make a plant poke for my pot or Rosemary that is Thanksgiving Themed this afternoon.
One of my favorite things... playing with the dogs outside and making things .
A few plans for today... Making dinner here in a while. baking a small batch of cookies
A few plans for the rest of the week... No set plans . Weekend plans are laundry and shopping and letting Jerry rest.

Billie C.

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