Thursday, November 6, 2014

For Today ...Nov 6, 2014

For Today ...Nov 6, 2014
Howdy.... and Good Evening. I've a few minutes before Jerry comes to get me to go ut for dinner tonight.  Wouldn't you know it,  Heather was told she would be able to start moving tonight, now it's been put off until in the morning.. We are both getting very frustrated with how long this is taking. If she's told she has to wait until Monday she is going to be very upset over it all. Jerry is going to have the truck worked on on Monday so I don't expect to be on line much that day since he's taking the whole day off Beth is meeting up with her brother this evening. He's picking up a load not far from where she lives and it is great that they will get together just before Thanksgiving.  Beth will have Thanksgiving day off but has to work the day before and Friday Saterday and Sunday after. Not sure if she's got to work the weekdays as well, yet.  We are still not sure if we will be going down to her place for thanksgiving or not.
Outside my door ... (5:30pm) it's dark. I just brought the dogs back in from their early evening outing. Some kids were playing ball and I called out that I was letting the dogs out so they were warned . Of course the dogs barked but not near as much as I thought they would. The kids dispersed while we were out excpet for three and after I let the dogs back in, I went over to talk to them and two left before we could do much more than just say Hi to each other. The one who was left, was the girl who mowed my grass the other day.  She's a bit loud, and the dogs are finally use to her voice being so loud.
The Dogs ... are not going to be happy with me in a few minutes because Rocky and Barney will be in a kennal and Macon is blocked to the back half of the camper. We have to keep him from the front when we are gone or he will bend some of the ends of the blinds and in the end break them, from looking out all the time. I caught Barney doing the same thing this morning when I took the trash out before the trash truck came around
The Cats ... are enjoying their once a day can of cat food.  The dogs will try to steal the canned food unless I push it back into the kennal they are fed in. When they are done they meow loudly to be let back out but they leave a bit of food behind and I have to convience them they have to eat more of their food. I don't like letting the dogs clean the cans too much because they then get upset tummys from time to time.
We are eating out tonight and I have to hurry and finish this because Jerry just texted that he's on his way home.
I am hearing... evening news on the tv.
I am wearing... a dark green long sleeved top and brown sweat pants
I am reading... I just read a Kid's crafts book and want to try making a few of the things I read in it. 
I am thinking... I am so ready to get moving to Tennessee but from the looks of the news we may be warmer than it will be in Tennessee and Alabama this weekend.
I am thankful for... internet service. it keeps me in touch with my friends and family
I am hoping... that the work on the truck works out well as it is going to be part of Jerry's Christmas present. He's going to have a remote start and door unlock put on the truck so he can start it while he's still in the camper and when he's getting off work
I am creating... I made a Birthday Card and worked on a Thanksgiving card this afternoon. I also discovered that I can cut and emboss on thin fun foam.  Sure, figures, I gave a lot of my foam to Bailey not that long ago
One of my favorite things... having time to work on crafts as I wish. Although  I have to clean up before Jerry tells me he's on his way home or everything is going to be in our way for the evening.
A few plans for today...Dinner out. sleeping
A few plans for the rest of the week... clean the camper in the morning and work on some cards in the afternoon.

Billie C.

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