Wednesday, December 10, 2014

For Today ... Dec 10, 2014

For Today ... Dec 10, 2014
Howdy.... And Good Afternoon. 
I got most of the house chores done. Just a few things still left on my to do list, and those are mostly oprional.
It's cool outside but not the Cold of just a couple of weeks ago. Here in a few minutes, I need to take the dogs out, but there isn't any hurry just yet.  The dogs will be able to enjoy some outside time although it's cloudy there isn't any rain or snow falling.
I just caught one of the cats sleeping in a box.
Last night, the dogs all had to sleep in kennels. They are going to sleep in them again tonight and this will continue until they let us sleep through the night and then a few more days beyond that as well. I know I had at least one cat almost all night long, sleeping at my feet. Jerry had one with him and I think the third just could not make up her mind if she wanted to sleep with Jerry or with Me.  I woke up just before the alarm went off, and when I came back out of the bathroom all three were on my bed, stealing my warm spot. When I got back, they all jumped over onto Jerry's bed and started loving on him, trying to wake him up. Strips (Motorboat) was so sure we just wanted to pet him that he would push the other cats ot of his way so he could get to our hands. They, of course, pushed back.
I can sure tell that the days are much shorter right now and can't wait for them to start getting longer again.  I know the weather has warmed up and we have been enjoying some very nice days. And we are not having to run our water over night as much.
Breakfast was Oatmeal and coffee this morning. I like to use juice to make my oatmeal. I add some raisins and frozen fruit to a cup of juice I have heating on the stove, then add in some cinnamon and either clove or cardamon. I miight add some brown sugar if I think about it, usually I forgot that though.
Dinner is going to be Salad, Pinto beans with diced up Ham, and maybe some cornbread.  Tomorrow we will eat out at Nilands again. I want to make them some ornaments to go on their tree, but I need them to look 1950ish. I found several pictures of the place on the internet and I will either slip them into clear glass bulbs or use the plastic cups and do them up more like snow globes but right now, I'm still leaning toward the glass bulbs with some red ribbon around the tops.
I am hearing... The TV. The fan from the heater just went off and from time to time, I can hear a car out on the road out front of the camper.
I am wearing... a dark T-shirt with a horse on it and brown sweat pants. yesterday I wore a blue sweat shirt but it's warmer in here today. No wind outside helps to keep it warm in here. It's not sucking out the warm air.
I am reading... Ezra in the bible. A Kids crafts book, And Dragon's Time by Anne and Todd McCaffery
I am thinking... I really need to get up from this chair and take my cards to the mail box and get them sent out. I know the mail has run today so I have until tomorrow morning to deal with it. I also need to find my birthday cards and find a couple to send to Jerry's twin sister.
I am thankful for... Living out in the country. it's so nice and quiet here and yet, neighbors are so close if I need help I can get one to help me.
I am hoping... that the weather stays nice for a few days.  It does look like it is going to be nice through the weekend and even after that isn't not going to get brutally cold, just more Normal for this area of highs in the mid to low 30's.
I am creating... I need a scarf to cover my face with when it gets cold again. I found some fleece in the discount bin and picked up three different pieces of it. I'll make me a scarf and then two more to use as gifts.
One of my favorite things... is playing Christmas music in the afternoons, while working on a craft or two.
A few plans for today... make cornbread for dinner. make a scarf (or two) take care of the pets
A few plans for the rest of the week...  Eating out a couple of days, and if I can, order a new Cricut Expressions 2 over the phone and hope it gets here. The Christmas rush isn't going to help that out much.

Billie C.

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