Monday, December 17, 2012

Snow Globe Necklace

Snow Globe Necklace

Sometimes I get these project ideas in my head that I just HAVE to make. If I don't make it right away, the project keeps bugging me until I finally get around to it. Case in point: this snow globe necklace. It was kind of a crazy idea considering the glass jar pendants I have are SUPER tiny. When I told Shannon and my mother-in-law about wanting to put a Christmas tree in a jar they thought I was nuts. My unofficial motto has been "make it work," so I knew there was no giving up. And I'm glad I didn't, I'm totally in love with my little winter wonderland in a jar!

SUPPLIES: 1 small bottle brush Christmas tree (found at most craft stores), 1 small glass bottle pendant (I got mine in a pack of 2 from Hobby Lobby), jewelry chain, jump ring, glitter, hot glue gun and glue, toothpick, wire cutters and round nose pliers.
ONE: use your wire cutters to trim the tip of the tree (put your jar next to your tree to determine how much you need to trim off.)
TWO: (this is the tricky part) put a glob of hot glue on the tip of your toothpick and carefully put the hot glue on the inside bottom of your jar. Put your tree in immediately to secure, using the toothpick to position it properly. Let dry.
THREE: carefully fill your jar with glitter.

This is the glitter I found at my local Michael's craft store. You want to use an extra fine glitter so it looks the most like snow. This one is conveniently called "snow." It's perfect for this project! After you've poured the glitter in, put some hot glue on your cork and insert into the bottle to seal. Add your jump ring and chain.

Now you have a perfect little snowy world in miniature.

Here's the necklace in my hand to show you how tiny it is! It's a really fun Christmas accessory and would make a great gift as well.

Billie C

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Patty Froese said...

Oh, I love that! So adorable!