Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Good Morning 12 12 12

Hello ... And Good Morning.  I'm doing well.  Stayed up after Jerry left for work and did a few things on my computer. I've done a little housework as well.  I've gotten my breakfast (Oatmeal with fruit in it) and my first cup of coffee.
Outside my door ... It is cool and Gray.  I don't need my coat just a jacket to take the dogs out. But that's because we are not outside for very long. I hope to play ball with Barney this afternoon for a bit.
I opened a can of Beef Stew and had that for dinner last night.  It's a store brand from when we were in Clarksville and I got it at the Hilltop grocery store. It's nothing to brag about but it did fill me up. Just seemed a bit too bland for me.
We had two cats sleep in the house last night (Strips and Fuzzybutt) I haven't seen Tupelo since I fed the cats last night. I put some dry catfood out this morning for the cats. I'm sure she'll show up sometime soon for her share of it.
From the kitchen... I have some All-Beef Hot dogs that I'll fix for my dinner tonight.  That and a salad will most likely be all I have.
I am hearing... Local news on Channel 7. The heater fans are going well.
Someone is blowing a car hom in the other section. Just a beep or two but that makes Rocky bark and it took me threating him to get him to stop barking. Now he's asleep on his pillow again.
I am wearing... Black Sweat Pant and my black Spirit Horse shirt. I will be looking for more lighter colored Tops next time I get to do some shopping.
I am reading... Exodus 9.
I am hoping... That Jerry gets 4 days off for Christmas. I found out that some of the fellow's are Requestiong days off at Christmas and the rumor is that if enough ask for it then everyone will get it. I did tell Jerry I would love to visit Williamsburg If he does get 4 days off. According to mapquest it's only a 3 hour drive.  We can do that.
I am creating... I didn't have enough store bought Christmas cards last week for everyone. I found the ones I cut out back in October and I am decorating up a few of those to send off to some of the people who were not on my card exchange lists.
One of my favorite things... Sitting with my Hubby on the couch after he gets home from work.
A few plans for the day... Put the window clings on the window by the door.
 I'm going to put them on the outside and see if they will stay on with this weather. If not, then I'm move them to the inside of the window behind the couch.
make the bed, wash the dishes, vacumn the floors and so on.. daily house chores that I've been neglecting.

Billie C

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