Monday, December 10, 2012

Good Monday Morning

Hello ...  and good morning... I hope your weekend went well.  My was mostly boring.  Getting up, making Jerry breakfast, going back to bed after walking the dogs...and not getting much done around the camper.  I need to kick this funk out of my life. 
Saturday's afternoon was not peaceful at all. I don't know what was going on. but Air Horns do not belong in a campground. And they were shoot off a rifle again.  And there was loud music and yelling. That is until who ever it is that drives the club cab white truck pulled in, then it got very quiet.  I called the office and Wanda said she was closing up the office and would come and tell them to knock it off.  Didn't work. either she didn't come around or as soon as she left they started "playing" again.  I know I'll be making the walk over to the office sometime this week and I'll ask the owners wife about the air horn.  I know these men are suppose to be out of here soon but it's not soon enough for me. This is suppose to be a family campground. Not a hunting camp. Not like Elk Harbor, and I know that Momma D would not have put up with the air horns at her campground. Not if she knew what that did to the dogs. They all three did not like that noise at all.
Sunday was very peacful but that's because the "Adults" were home,
 I think I spend more time with Jerry when he gets home at night than I did on Satureday and Sunday when he worked less hours.  Saturday, He had to buy a new tool, and I sat in the van waiting for him.  I took another fall. This time it was just stupid.  I took the dogs to the back of the camper because they were still shooting guns and I didn't know what direction they were going. It was dark, and I figured I would just sit on the end of the picnic table bench while the dogs did what they had to do. I missed the end of the bench.  I just got jarred up a bit, Not even a burse (except my ego)  Sunday, I went into Wal-Mart and did the shopping. I picked up a zipper for Bailey's dress, thread to match. Corbin's Remote control Truck. (Now to find a box to ship it in), and the grocries.  I tried to call Jerry to ask how many cola's to pick up for him. Since he didn't answer,  I just picked up 3 for him, I figure if he wants more he can pick it on on his way home from work. I know he's picking up cola's to drink on his way into work. Anyway. He stayed out in the van while I was shopping as almost as soon as we were in through the  door he had his shower and was in bed before I had all the food put away.  He's just that tired.  He said that those seven 12 hour days are just a rumor.. I bad one I pray. He needs some time off.  I do hope that they go back to having Sunday off. That would be best. Everyone needs at least one day off. I asked Jerry if he was going to take his birthday off or not. He said he don't know yet. He just might, now that I planted the idea in his head.
I ordered a Potty Chair for Beth for Heahter. She waited until Sunday and Wal-mart was out of the one she wanted.  I ordered it from Amazon and it's the same price but the shipping was $18 more.  I told her she could pay be back when they get their tax check in this next Spring.
Outside my door ... (8:30) It's grey, again.  a bit foggy in area's.  The High is suppose to be in the low 60's.  That would be nice I can open the door again if it's that warm outside. Tomorrow's nigh is suppose to only be in the upper 40's.  and wet.
The Dogs ...(8:30)  Well Macon is asleep on Jerry's bed. Rocky is asleep on My bed and Barney is in the kennel sleeping.  I'll take them out in a bit, to play a little bit.
The Cats ...(8:30) Strips slept inside last night, (in a kennel) but all three are in now. They all know, once Jerry leaves for work, I'll let them in to get a drink of fresh water and a nibble of dog food. 
From the kitchen...(8:30) I don't know what I'm going to fix for my dinner yet. I did buy a rottersiry Chicken last night figuring I can get at least three meals off of it.
I am hearing... (8:30) CBS Morning news.   The heating in the back is running a bit. The fridge just stopped. 
I am wearing...  (8:30) A night gown, still.  Once I walk the dogs again, I'll take a shower and get dressed for the day
I am reading...(8:30)  some emails so far today

Billie C


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