Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Good Afternoon

Hello ...  I slept in this morning. Rocky woke us up at 3:30 and I went back to bed after walking all three, When the alarm went off at 4:20, I didn't want to get up and asked Jerry if he would buy breakfast on his way to work today. He said he could do that. I slept until 8 am. I at least feel rested now. 
I've been busy this morning. After Breakfast, getting dressed and walking the dogs, I've been cleaning the back of the camper.  I know, it's is a small space but when I clean, a lot of small things add up quickly.
I made the beds, washed up the few dishes, made a pot of coffee, made up a bottle of flavored water for this morning. rinsed out the bathtub and scrubbed the toilet. Brushed my hair and watered and cared for my plantes that are in the back window.
 I moved the cat litter tub so I could vacumn that space. That's where I also store the vacumn cleaner. I pre-sweep the floor as well as sprinkled some carpet fresh. I've only vacumned the back half so far. It raises the dust so much I have to empty the canistar and let the dust settle. I'll have to dust everything in the camper after I get the rest of the floors done.
I packed up into a box the blanket that I tied for my Grand daughter. It's ready to have the address put on it, Then I'll have Hubby take me to the main post office in Danville to ship it off. I did find out what my Grand son wants for his Christmas Gift and I'll be able to pick that up this next weekend. He wants a remote controled car.  I know I can get one at Hobby Lobby if we can get there before they close. If not there, then I'll try Target or Sears before going to Wal-mart.  At 5 I want to get him a good one.  I know his daddy will play with it as well. I may get two of them so they can have races. That would be fun. I will get one that can be run outside as well as inside.
I still haven't looked to see what I want to send to my younger Grand Child. Her Mom has a wish list on Wal-mart and I may pick up a couple of things from there. 
I went through my Christmas CD's and found I have two repeats. I left a message to my youngest daughter to see if she would like  to have them. One in Mannheim Steamroller and I know her 1 year old loves Mannheim Steamroller. She's wiggle and dance when she hears any of their music.
Outside my door ... It's another wonderful day here in MIddle Virginia.. Yes, yesterday I wrote Tennessee instead of Virginia.Guess my mind was elsewhere.  The more we think about it, the more we would like to have a small place in Tennessee to retire to.

The Dogs ...  Besides needing out 1/2 an hour earlier than usual, are doing well.  When I took them out at 10, after doing what they are out to do, They wanted to play and didn't want to come back inside.
The Cats ... are wondering why I don't want them inside, then realise its too nice to be inside. I have the back window open and it has lost it's screen long ago so they are using that to come in and go out. I also have the door open but closed the port so they couldn't just jump in that way. Every time one would jump in, Barney would check out who it was and not let them come right in.  Then Macon would come to see what Barney was checking out. 
From the kitchen... I bought some large Chicken legs to fix for a couple of meals for me this week. It's hard enough to cook for two, now I'm cooking for one 4 days of the week.  Last nights stir fry was ok, but if I do that again, I'll change the vegetable for it.
I am hearing... Noon news and weather is on right this minutes.. 72 61 52 56 61. Not bad considering it's the first full week of December.  I'll have to find something to fix in the oven for dinner on Thursday when it's only going to be 52, the coldest day of the next few days.
I am wearing... brown sweat pants and my Jazz Band T-shirt from when Beth was in School.  I can honestly say I miss not having a kid in school or home schooling one.  Being around kids can help keep a person young.
I am reading... emails. I'll be filling in some Christmas cards this afternoon and will be reading addresses then

Billie C


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