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I Sewed Something

by Chris on June 21, 2011

It all started with a simple pocket calendar. My days are filling up way too fast, and I wanted something to bring with me that would help when making plans on the fly. That expression makes me feel cool. Like "I should be wearing Ray-Bans" cool.

I placed it into my purse (camera bag is standing in for purse in this pic), and you can see what it did. It disappeared. My purse is black, my phone is black, and my calendar is black. No way was I ever gonna find that thing. Huh…that's an easy fix. Just sew one yourself. Enter attempt exhibit A:

I blame it on the fusible webbing. It was too thick and made my seams all wonky. Thick webbing is no good for a girl who doesn't know what a straight seam looks like in the first place. Okay, get rid of the webbing. Attempt Exhibit B:

Woops. Apparently, even without the fusing, you still have to measure correctly. It was too flimsy, and the calendar didn't even fit into it! As you can imagine, bad words started entering my mind. Words that your dad used to use when his favorite team lost or when he'd hit his head on the hood of the car while fixing it. Yeah, those words.

Time to regroup. Some retail therapy would help. I purchased some thinner fusible webbing ($1.99/yard) and some new fabric. Surely, that would do the trick.

Hey now. This might be something I can deal with. If you squint your eyes and dim the lights just right, you'll never notice the fact that I must have sewn it with one hand.

If you put the calendar in there and wave it around really fast in your hand, you'd never be able to tell that it's slightly a hot mess. Me likey. Total cost? Well, it would have been free had I done it right the first two times. I paid a few dollars for the fabric since I needed so very little of it. Not bad.

You're wondering about a tutorial, aren't you? Even after all those exhibits, you wanna know, "How'd she do it? How did she pull it off?" Don't look this way. The best (and easiest) tutorial I found was over at Crazy Mom Quilts. AmandaJean knows what she's doing, and her pictures are good!


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