Monday, December 31, 2012

Hello ...

Hello ... (7 am) Good Morning. I'm half expecting Jerry to call and tell me he's on his way back home... He heard a lot of the men were going to not go in even though they didn't put in for the day off.  It does seem sensless to Work Saturday, Take Sunday off, Work Monday, then have Tuesday off, then work the rest of this week and have the weekend off. If He does get the day off, I think he'll end up spending this afternoon in bed, sleeping. He's so very tired.
I've been up since Jerry left, mainly just doing a few things on my computer, then I got my shower, brushed and styled my hair for the day, then made my breakfast.
Outside my door ... (7 am) It's still dark outside.  But we did notic that we still have just a bit of sun at 5 pm, last night. So yes, the days are starting to get a bit longer each day. It was very chilly when I walked the dogs and I could easily see my breath in the air in front of the head lamp I use when I take the dogs out that early
The Dogs ... (7 am) Are all asleep right now. They didn't want to go out this morning for very long but they did get done what they needed to do. 
Barney and I have a routine that, once he comes back in from frist morning (in the dark) outside he had a few minutes to get some water and to eat if he wants to, then he has to go back into his kennel until next time to walk.. Well, this morning I was a little slow and he found Jerry's cola bottle.  He started to try to take the lid off but he reailsed it wasn't empty just yet. He left it when I told him to leave it, Then he found a piece of the knuckls from Rocky's bone that all the dogs have been chewing on. It sounded just like a bottle cap in his mouth and he had to give it to me to be sure it wasn't a cap. I gave it back to him then he had to go into the kennel. He's sound asleep now.  Barney's bone is gone and Macon has hardly touched his.
The Cats ... (7 am) I had a hard time getting the cats outside this morning. They didn't want to go. But with no catbox inside right now, they had to go outside. They all came back in when the dogs came back in and now they are asleep on the same bed that Rocky and Macon are sleeping on. One of the reasons the cats were hard to get out was they found Macon's bone and wanted to chew on it now that they could see it. They spent the night in the kennel it's in.  They just didn't want to go outside where it's cold ! 
From the kitchen...  (7 am) Not sure but unless Jerry changes his mind, we will have boneless pork chops coated in crushed crackers and dry Ranch Dressing mix, baked in the roasting over along with a large potato each. and a salad.
Egg roll filling, I bag Cole Slaw fixings. I sm cal crushed Pineapple, I sm Can Tuna. I pkg Crab or imatation Crab meat, Terikie Sauce Vinegar Ginger, 3 Tablespoons Sugar (or sugared Ginger)
open and drain Pineapple juice into wak. Add a few dashes Teriackie Sauce, heat to a boil then add Slaw mix, allow to cook a few minutes then add pineapple and tuna.  Add a dash of vinegar for tartness.Allow to cook down, Add ginger and or Sugar, cook a few more minutes then add in Crab meat. Allow to boil long enough to be sure Crab meat is cooked. Serve over rice, or cool and roll up in egg roll wrappers and then deep fry one or two at a time until golden. Drain on Paper towels.
I am hearing... (7 am) The fan on the heaters, the T.V. (CBS Morning News)
I am wearing... (7 am) I'm still in my flannel gown. I'll be changing clothes here in a bit.  Sweat Pants (of course since that's all I have) and a dark colored top. I want to pick up a few new tops that  are not so dark in color over the next few weeks.
I am reading... (7 am) I've read a chapter in the Bible (Exodus 16) and emails.
I am thinking...  (7 am) about setting my goals for 2013.  I know I want to work more on making crafts and , of course, to eat healthier and walking more.
I am thankful for... Jerry working so much. We are caught up on our bills again. Now we can start saving money again.
I am hoping... Today is a short day for Jerry so he can get some more sleep. I doubt he'll be staying up with me to watch the new year begine.
I am creating... A plan on doing crafts for the year and cleaning out the craft items I may no longer need.
One of my favorite things...
A few plans for today... Cleaning the camper, getting out the serger again and trying it out on some scraps of material.
I fould the Singer needles finally, at Wal-mart.
A few plans for the rest of the week... (7 am) A working plan on crafts for at least the first half of this year. The goal is to complete at least one craft a week, More if possible. Put away all our Christmas Decoratons.
Time to put plastic over all the windows. Our highs for the next few day to only be in the 30's.
Traditional New Year's resolutions are for considering areas in your life you want to make better. Give careful thought to what you truly desire in your life. "A life not examined is a life not worth living." -- Socrate

Billie C

The sun has rise for the last time in 2012. Here is my last good morning and good night for 2012. In 2013 make the world your ship, Heaven your harbour, the Bible your map, God your guide,Belief your flag, Prayer your compass and you will never run aground on rocky shores! May your footprints leading out of 2012 and into 2013 be perfect with God by your side and leading you.


April said...

Happy New Year from Missouri, where it is cold and snowing with some sleet mixed in.

patty said...

Happy new year! May your 2013 be wonderful! :)