Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hello ... And Good Evening

Hello ... And Good Evening. I forgot to tell Jerry "Happy Birthday" this morning before he left for work. I called him to tell him "Happy Birthday" and he had just gotten off the phone with his twin sister. She's doing fairly well. Nothing tastes good to her any more. Not sure if that will change after she finishes Chemo but the doctor said most likely not. She's still loosing weight.
I've hung up some of the wet clothes and need to go see what's dry and hang up more. I took the dogs out for a long play time
My bedroom looks like a Chinese Laundry now. I strung some clothes line (I got it for a craft) back and forth between two shower rods I have up at each end of the bed area and the line goes between them 4 times. I have the rest of the whites on the line and I hope they dry quickly since I still have at least one more tub to hang up (it's not full but it's enough to fill the lines I think) and I have to put Jerry's jeans up on lines as well.
Outside my door ... (7:30) It's still pre-dawn outside. Still a bit too dark to really see any color outside of what's in the edge of the horizon and I can't see that through the trees here. I'll be so glade when the days start to get longer again.. only a few more days and that will happen.
(12:00) It's SUNNY out!!! and breezy. I have the door open since the breeze is from the south and our door faces north(ish) and I have all the blinds open I didn't need a jacket while I had the dogs out although it was a bit coldish it wasn't un-pleasant. There are a few high clouds in the sky right now and it's suppose to get much cloudier but I'll take this any day. I'll take the shield out of my window when I go back to take care of more laundry. I would tie a rope between the trees but I'm sure I would forget I have stuff outside and then I would have to re-wash.
The Dogs ...(7:30) Rocky slipped his collar last night. Good thing he's not one for running off. Jerry had come home from work just after I took the dogs out and Rocky got excited and wanted to greet him. Jerry waited until I opened the camper door before getting out of the van. Rocky came back to the door for me to slip his collar back on him, then was outside again to meet Jerry.. then all three jumped back in the camper and I had to call them all back out so Jerry could get into the camper, then the dogs jumped back it. Jumping in and out of the camper is part of a game we sometimes play. Rocky sometimes will slip on the step so he's more than willing to jump over that step most of the time.
The dogs had a blast with some play time outside this morning. They got to run, chase each other and play tug of war with a knotted rope toy we have for them. I traded the older two out to play with Barney on longer lines so that Barney would be worn out. The older dogs are now sound asleep on the beds and Barney is still trying to find something to get in to.
The Cats ... (7:30) Are all sleeping on my bed. They spent the night outside last night but were more than willing to come in at 5 am to drink some water, then curl up on my bed and snooze. Fuzzy was insisting that she was suppose to sleep on the couch beside me, but I finally convinced her that I need the space on the couch to put a few things and she's better off with her siblings. Last night, I fed them in a kennel because it was just too damp outside to feed them on the picnic table
(12:00) The cats have learned that, When the dogs play, They may as well find a high place to watch from. They were sitting on the picnic table watching the dogs run amok for a few minutes each.
From the kitchen...(12:00)
Well, I made a version of Mix Fruit Smoothies. I used 1/2 of a banana, about a 1/2 cup of frozen mixed Fruit instead of strawberries and I left out the honey. I need to find a better way to crush ice. I have large chunk of ice in my glass but that's ok.
Mixed fruit smoothies
1/2 medium banana
1/2 cup fresh or frozen strawberries (unsweetened)
1/4 cup nonfat dry milk powder
1/4 cup apple juice
1 tablespoon honey
1 cup crushed ice
Place all ingredients in blender container. Blend on high until smooth.
(7:30) Yesterday, I crushed up a couple of handfuls of pretzels and put them on a small baking tray, I then covered them with chocolate, red and green chips then sprinkled a few pecans over the top of them, then I mixed them together a bit, and put them in my roasting oven set at 250 for about 7 minutes. Long enough to soften the chips but not to cook them. When I brought them out, I mashed them together a bit more, then put in the freezer to become solid again. I removed from the freezer and broke it up into many smaller pieces, then put into two small containers I picked up over the weekend. They were part of our dessert last night. Today, I have to make a German Chocolate cake for Jerry. It's the one cake he really, really loves, and Jerry loves cake. He had a piece of Red Velvet Cake when we ate out Friday and I had one bite of it. I fixed me to hot dogs for dinner last night. I may have two more for my dinner tonight. I did bring out the hamburger to make meatballs with, once it thaws.
I am hearing...
(12:00)I have Y & R on right now. I'll have to remove it from the DVR after it's finished. I'm all caught up with it, now. I have a few other shows I need to catch up with but only one other is a daily show (Rachel Ray)
(7:30) I am Not watching much of the news shows right now because they are all about Sandy Hook and Gun control. I agree that assault rifles had no place in the average home. Blaming guns for what that young mad did is like blaming cars for drunks driving them. This young man had a problem. No one took care of his problem. Not sure if it was how his mother raised him. but again, that would be placing the blame someplace else than on him for his actions. She is gone and can not defend or speak up about how he was raised. Speculations will continue until something else takes over the news.
I am wearing... (7:30) My house dress that Donna gave me. Not the flannel one but the pastel one. It's so warm that the heaters are not running much.
(12:00) Black Sweat pants and a dark blue top. I'll wear my Christmasy tops this weekend. I have two sweat shirts (I wore one last weekend) A button up shirt. (needs a button on the sleeve) and a red sweat shirt I may decorate up for next year.
I am reading... (7:30) emails and I did my chapter in the Bible
(12:00) Reading more emails
A few plans for today... bake Jerry's cake, hang out the things that didn't get dry when I did the laundry Sunday (hoping they are not smelling) Wrap Jerry's Birthday Gift. Clean the camper, vacuum the floors

Billie C

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