Wednesday, December 5, 2012

good afternoon

Hello ...  and good afternoon. I got Jerry off to work on time and went back to bed. I was surprised that the dogs leet me sleep until 9am.  I must have needed the rest. I feel good though and have gotten a bit done on my daily list.  dishes done, bathroom straightened up and the laundry is  folded up.

Oh man.  we have some idiots here in the campground. There is a list of rules. and one that is in bold print is Not discharging of Firearms.  three days now, I have heard a gun going off not that far away. And it's funny how it happens before the men working on the pipeline get home around 3 pm.  A couple of times after, but then again only the two trucks are in the area when I hear the gun.. Macon shakes for at least 15 minutes each time.  This time, I called the office about it. I don't want to call the law, just a quiet word should suffice. at least for now.

I had mail today so I took Rocky with me this time to go pick it up. The cats followed me, of course. The boys at the office got a kick out of how they always follow me to the office then follow me back home again, as well. 
Rocky was a very good dog.  When we got back, I sat on the step into the camper a few minutes, and the fellow down the way came out of his camper and his dog came out (without a lead on) and did what a dog has to do. Rocky saw her, but he stayed at a "sit" for me.  He didn't move until his friend whistled for the dog. Rocky thought it was for him. But he didn't pull very hard when I told him it wasn't for him. He came back and sat at me feet, looking for his treat he knew I had in my pocket for him.

When I woke up this morning it was drizzly and damp but now (3pm) it's sunny and I have the door open and it's warm enough that I didn't even need a light jacket to walk to the office. I'm thinking, if I have mail tomorrow I'll ask her to make me a burger from their restaurant and have that as another reason to walk over there.

Billie C


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Patty said...

Rocky sounds very sweet!