Monday, June 18, 2012

Well. I'm inside for the rest of the day

(11 am)
Well. I'm inside for the rest of the day. I got everything done outside that I needed. I still have to step outside but that will only be for a couple of minutes... and I will have to walk the dogs in a while but that's not until this afternoon.  I took the dogs out, They did what they needed to do. The cats came with us. I took a couple of pictures of the trees by the lake.

Came back to the camper and put the hummingbird feeder back up.
It took me a while but I finally got the new bag of potting soil to hold water. It was just pouring through and not doing much else. I got the impatiens put into hanging pots. only to read that they only need about an hour of full sun. The hooks I have are in the afternoon sum for at least 3 to 4 hours each day. I'll have to slowing get them use to being in the sun.
I put some of the Aloe into a smaller pot. I plan on giving it to Momma D for Independence day. The pot just fits into the hole in the table.
I repotted the Roma tomato into a larger pot, It's a temporary pot as it will need a larger pot and I don't have enough potting soil for it just yet. I did ask Jerry, if he went to Wal-Mart to pick me up another bag of soil. If he forgets no big deal, I can pick up another bag this next weekend.
I "Finally" got the table outside cleaned off. Tossed the last of the trash that was on it, rinsed it off with water still in my new watering can. It still needs scrubbed but at least all the dirt is rinsed off. Talked to Loretta a few minutes.  She's like me, no idea at all how much longer this job is suppose to last for us.We figure, just as we get the outside area just the way we like it, We will end up moving again. I doubt Jerry will like having to put all these pots of flowers in the van with us, and if we move in summer's heat there is good chance that they will all end up baked in the camper on such a move. So I'm praying we don't have to move until fall, now.
I put the two pots of impatiens on the seats of the picnic table right before we came back inside.

Billie C.

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