Monday, June 18, 2012

Good Morning, June 18

I had to check my blood sugar when I got up to fix Jerry's breakfast. It was low (for me) at 87. I haven't  seen the 80's in a long, long time. I was lucky in that Jerry had found some licorice  Spice drops while hew as cleaning out his corner and had left them on my laptop. they were just enough to help me stop feeling shaky.

 I took the dogs out, Being dark, it's hard to tell who is where, and I "yelled" at the wrong dog for not going into the weeds where he's suppose to go. Poor Macon was in the weeds, it was Rocky who didn't  want to go over there. He went,  after I scolded him.

I've pulled some frozen juice concentrate out of the freezer to make up later today. I have some dried fruit that I want to soak in juice, then add to some Yogurt.

I have a cut up lemon in my drinking glass. I've pulled the seeds out of it, and removed the peel (Yummy) I'll have to cut up and peel another lemon later this morning.

I just spent a few minutes ( about 30 or so of them) punching out 1 inch circles from cardboard. Not just any cardboard, I cut up a empty tissue box and now I have circles to use in my craftings. I also punched circles from an Klondike Ice cream bars box.  I plan on putting them either on some cards, or in bottle caps and make bottle cap jewelry out of them. (Watch out World, Billie's got a circle punch and can get a bit Punch Happy)

Made up a cup of Hummingbird nectar
cleaned out the dishpan and ran dish water.
Picked up the trash and put into a dog food bag to go to the curb.
downloaded AOL email to my computer
Measured how much water a jar I have, holds. (1 cup) Great to know for when I need just a cup of water, I know which jar to grab instead of having to search the drawers for one.
Put away the clean dishes in the dish strainer
wrote a email pen pal a letter

worked on my Crafts Newsletter a bit, (didn't find a thing as it was only a few minutes)

Washed up dishes
bleached the water bottles lids
Dressed for weed eating. ie sweat pants, old shirt. Will take a shower when I finish up outside.

Whew. It's going to be a HOT day!!! I've already got a neck cooler on when I'm outside. Let's see, what have I gotten done between 6 and Now

moved everything except the wood pile from the door-side of the camper.  That is, the hot box for the propane tank (didn't move that either) Gently pulled the picnic table out from under the Canopy. moved all 4 chairs out from under the canopy. moved the older steps. I may not trust them to hold me going in and out of the camper, but I can still sit on it so it's not going in the trash,just yet. moved the grill. Then I Weed-ate from behind the wood pile to the front. Around the old wooden step we are going to get rid of. Right now, it's a nice place to put things before going into the camper, or to put the trash before getting out of the camper, Weed ate around the fire pit. Put some wood and old paper in it, ready to light up again. I then moved 1/2 of my flower pots, weed ate around where they sit, put them back. moved the other 1/2 and did that weed-eating. put everything back in place.
 Watered all the plants. The Cherry tomato is looking very well. I put the pot on a saucer on one of the propane tanks in front. I don't think I'll keep it there but it's good there, for now.

Put a new tie out line around the back tire of the camper.
 I turned the table 90 degrees from where it was before (I'll have to take a picture when I finish cleaning out there)
Move my hanging candle over by the camper, It can be moved again if need be.
 brought in the  infinity spinner. it needs a bit of weight so it will spin in the wind.
Moved the table back under the canopy.
Brought in the hummingbird feeder and have washed it, rinsing in bleach water, (letting it sit while I type this up)
Still to go,  transplant the impatiens into the two pots I have. Take the dogs for morning walk, They can be outside while I transplant those flowers. 
Clean the inside of the camper.
Hamburger for Dinner, on the grill, don't know what else I'm going to put with that, just yet.
have to move it back under the canopy, as well as the chairs. . Well, than's all for now, Time to pick up my camera, walk the dogs and get more done.. I'll be back in a bit to add more to the list of "DONE".

Billie C.

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